Florida Cop Allegedly Robs $795 Watch From Crime Scene

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One of the crime news items of the day yesterday was the brazen break-in into a Pembroke Pines Jared jewelry store.

And now there seems to be a bit of a twist in the case.

Namely, that one of the officers who were called in after the break-in was reported stole a $795 watch from the store during the initial investigation.

Steal jewelry while investigating stolen jewelry. Why, it's the perfect crime!

Pembroke Pines police say that a nine-year veteran Kevin Burgs was caught by surveillance cameras stealing the expensive watch from the very store he responded to after a burglary.

Cops were called to the Jared, located on 11077 Pines Blvd., on Wednesday night after thieves broke into the store through the ceiling using a pick axe.

The thieves smashed display cases inside the store with the same pick axes and got away with an estimated $75,000 worth of items.

The burglary was captured on video. And, according to a report, an employee reviewing the surveillance not only saw the thieves break in, but also eventually saw Officer Burg allegedly ganking a watch after he responded to the store's call.

Burgs, 36, was arrested and charged with grand theft. He was also placed on suspension with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Meanwhile, the original thieves are still out on the loose.

Plantation Police are asking anyone with information about the burglary to call Plantation Police at 954-797-2100 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

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And he gets a paid vacation after being charged. Thats what makes me sick ! 

frankd4 topcommenter

.......................hey look these clowns don't have rottenstein anymore so they gotta deal somehow - ALL of BSO from the sheriff on down to the deputies are "for sale" and many many have been bought and will continue to have their hands out

Mirella Larotonda
Mirella Larotonda

I was so used to "Florida Man...." but this is a new version... "Florida Cop" ...

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson

Tony Barzola where are you on this one??

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