Ten Reasons FAT Village's Art Walk Is Better Than Wynwood's

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Jess Swanson
People discussing art? Gasp!
1. People actually come for the art.
Art walks have the best intentions. They really do. And when Wynwood started its art walks, it was really promising. It brought a culturally aware demographic of people no one thought existed in Miami.

But over time, whether it was all the free wine or the overpopulation of food trucks, Wynwood lost its way. People come to drink and look pretty and update their Facebook. Some of the pioneer galleries in Wynwood no longer open their doors on Second Saturday. It's become a circus. It's too loud. There's vomit caked on the streets. People are peeing everywhere.

Maybe FAT Village will evolve like Wynwood did. But so far, it hasn't. It's emerging, and it's authentic. At any moment, you're no more than 15 feet from someone having an in-depth conversation about what's hanging on the wall in front of them. Granted, FAT Village doesn't have the turnout rate that Second Saturday does, but that's probably a good thing.

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Kara Schickowski
Kara Schickowski

Javier Azaret, Rebecca Seidmon, and Eric Seidmon - "If you're from Fort Lauderdale, you'll feel silly for ever wasting the gas money to go to Wynwood in the first place." Nevermind Wynwood, let's stay local and do the FAT Village Art Walk next month :)

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