Ten Reasons FAT Village's Art Walk Is Better Than Wynwood's

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Jess Swanson
Janet Slom is a cute South African artist (to the left in all black) who greets everyone who enters her gallery and is more than happy to discuss the feelings and emotions behind each painting.
3. They have a lot more local artists and some of them are even standing next to their work.
It's one thing to be a local artist, it's another to be down-to-earth enough to stand next your art to discuss it with bone-headed people like me. Janet Slom explained this one abstract canvas she made about war and even welcomed me and my friends to discuss it openly. She had us write what we thought brought world peace on a sheet of paper and toss it in front of the work. Then we saw another guy poking a collection of hanging mobile art. He told us to poke them gently or blow on them to see them move. We thought he was crazy until he introduced himself as the artist.

Jess Swanson
They even have fairy lights. Take that Wood Tavern.
2. C&I Studios is not filled to capacity like Wood Tavern and Gramps.
Good luck being served at Wood or Gramps during Art Walk. Have fun finding a table. Chances are you'll never make it inside and spend the better part of your Saturday night in line to get in breathing secondhand smoke, or at Shots. This is not the case at C&I. It's full but not at capacity. It's bigger. Bartenders will talk to you. Drinks are actually cheaper.

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Kara Schickowski
Kara Schickowski

Javier Azaret, Rebecca Seidmon, and Eric Seidmon - "If you're from Fort Lauderdale, you'll feel silly for ever wasting the gas money to go to Wynwood in the first place." Nevermind Wynwood, let's stay local and do the FAT Village Art Walk next month :)

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