Ten Reasons FAT Village's Art Walk Is Better Than Wynwood's

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Jennifer Weber/Flikr Commons
This is one instance where it might've seemed too good to be true, but it wasn't.
5. Galleries serve complimentary wine.
Back in 2009, the good ol' days of Wynwood, the galleries would serve their guests wine on Second Saturday. The free booze never lasted long. And even though I couldn't afford any art in Wynwood anyways, it was nice to be poured a glass of wine for simply turning up. You felt welcomed. Now, the idea of being handed a complimentary glass of wine in Wynwood seems ridiculous. We all know some well-connected millenial would probably tweet about it and before you know it every 10th grader in the county would be there. FAT Village is a wine-trusting utopia.

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Jess Swanson
She might be an interactive piece but just in case, don't touch or drool on her.
4. You don't have to dress like a hipster (but you can if you must).
You can rock up in jeans and no one will glare at you for it. This isn't Mean Girls. While there was a strong presence of combat boots, skinny jeans, and flannel in attendance, quite a few people were donning fanny packs. Some people felt more comfortable in swimwear even.

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Kara Schickowski
Kara Schickowski

Javier Azaret, Rebecca Seidmon, and Eric Seidmon - "If you're from Fort Lauderdale, you'll feel silly for ever wasting the gas money to go to Wynwood in the first place." Nevermind Wynwood, let's stay local and do the FAT Village Art Walk next month :)

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