Ten Reasons FAT Village's Art Walk Is Better Than Wynwood's

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Jess Swanson
"I walked into a random warehouse in Miami and didn't get butchered into tiny pieces," said no one ever.
7. There are awesome warehouses you can stumble into.
The door was slightly ajar. My friends and I peeked our heads in. Inside this mammoth of a warehouse was everything from a papier mâché Christ the Redeemer statue (above) to a shiny disco ball the size of a Range Rover and everything in between. Turns out, it's the storage warehouse for an entertainment and event planning company called Sixth Star. There were so many tiki torches.

Jess Swanson
Guy Fawkes was here too!
6. There's a diverse turnout.
There were old people. There were young people. There were children. There were hipsters. There were dogs. And all seemed to be smoking e-cigarettes.

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Kara Schickowski
Kara Schickowski

Javier Azaret, Rebecca Seidmon, and Eric Seidmon - "If you're from Fort Lauderdale, you'll feel silly for ever wasting the gas money to go to Wynwood in the first place." Nevermind Wynwood, let's stay local and do the FAT Village Art Walk next month :)

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