9 Reasons Dan Marino Should Not Take Any Front Office Jobs with the Dolphins

3.This Guy Would Be Your Coach. Look At This Fucking Guy


2. There Are Literally Hundreds of Other Jobs That Are Way Better

Like landscaping. Or blogging! That's a good job. Or commercials. You can grow a Hitler mustache like Michael Jordan did and do more commercials.

Anything, anything else for Christ!

1. Your Legacy
You are an icon. A Legend. The Right Arm of God. The greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Our lasting image of you are basically a smorgasbord of memories of watching you obliterate opposing defenses every Sunday with your lightning bolt passes. Why taint that image by taking a front office job with a team that is reeling in an ocean of dookie? Why take the risk? I understand why people would want you to. You've always represented hope, always created magic out of mediocrity. And maybe, just maybe, you could pull off the impossible and turn things around and lead the Dolphins back to glory in a management position.


Run away, Dan Marino. Run FAR AWAY AND DON'T YOU LOOK BACK.

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winsomelosesome topcommenter

Why bash Tannehill's wife?...........So she totes a few semi autos.........She's HOT!

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