West Palm Beach Doctor Claims His Much Younger Polish Love Interest Swiped His Debit Card

Ania Sobura/Facebook

Serian says that Sobura told him she came back after a friend had to cancel a trip to Miami because of work at the last minute. But Serian was dubious. He had a lot of questions that he says she answered indirectly. But Serian remembers spending a romantic New Year's eve on his balcony watching the City Place fireworks.

The following day, on January 2, one of Sobura's friends came to Serian's apartment. He claims it was only meant to be for one night. But after missing a train the next day, the Polish friends spent the weekend eating the food out of his fridge and littering his condo with empty bottles of Sobieski, Serian says.

But it was when Serian set up Sobura's friend with his closest friend, Bob, who was also in his 60s, that the real problems started. "Ania was so jealous she kept saying that we had to go downstairs to join them but I told her you can't butt in on someone else's date," he recalls. She went downstairs, Serian claims, and not only crashed the date but drank vodka on his buddy's tab.

That's when he had enough and kicked the girls out of his apartment. But the girls coaxed their way back in, Serian remembers, to pack their stuff. "One girl packed in the living room and talked to me while the other went in to my room," Serian tells New Times.

It was the following morning, on January 4, when the emotionally rattled doctor walked out the door, that he realized his Bank of America credit card was missing. He says he left his wallet on the desk in his bedroom. Then he remembered Sobura packing in there and called police. "Thank God it was toward the end of the [billing cycle] and I had given my daughter a graduation present," Serian says. "If not, they probably would've taken all of the five grand if they could have."

Serian says he collected his missing credit card from her that afternoon, and that she apologized. Serian didn't accept it, and drove off, but only after telling her, he says, that she was evil and would only see him again in court.

"I don't think it was love," Serian tells New Times drifting off. "Lust maybe but I don't think she ever loved me. I haven't been back on the website, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was."

When Serian went to the bank to be reimbursed for his stolen funds, he claims the bank told him he was out of luck. The money had been removed with the the pass code. He contends he had told it to her.

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