Stephen Ross Lands at Miami Dolphins Training Facility in Helicopter; Is He Firing Someone?


After a few days of pondering his next brilliant move, Stephen Ross appears to have made up his mind and moments ago landed at the Dolphins' training facility. ESPN's Adam Schefter has said numerous times on air that he believes coach Philbin's job is safe, but there is some doubt as to whether general manager Jeff Ireland will keep his job.

The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero reported last month Ross had informed Ireland he would be back next season and does not seem likely to go back on his word, although he has considered all options after a disappointing 8-8 season.

Ross was visibly disgusted after the Dolphins season finale loss to the Jets on Sunday and declined to comment on the job status of Philbin and Ireland. Miami last its final two games of the season to Buffalo and the Jets to miss the playoffs.

Philbin recently stated he was operating under the belief he will be the coach next season, saying:

"I'm proceeding, working, and beginning my evaluation of the 2013 season," Philbin said. "I'm going to work every single day. We haven't even talked about any of that stuff."

Dolphins fans seem split on what to think of Philbin, but the majority, or the vocal majority of Dolphins fans, have been calling for Jeff Ireland to be fired for years now.

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Dino MacabreEnt
Dino MacabreEnt

And Jeff Ireland! But don't ask if the people will rebuild your shitty stadium.

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