Medical Marijuana: Who Will Profit? So Far, Only One "Marijuana" Corporation Is Listed in Florida

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Yesterday, the Supreme Court OK'd the language in a proposed ballot initiative, so Florida voters this November will get to vote on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana.

Surely, stoners compassionate medical professionals are going are going to come out in full force to vote this thing through and see that weed is enshrined in the state constitution. (I can't believe this is happening in my lifetime! Black president and weed in the constitution!)

So, next question: Who will profit?

Surprising, but a quick look at the state's Division of Corporations reveals that there's only one active company with the word "marijuana" in its name. Nothing under pot, weed or cannabis that's clearly medical marijuana focused, either.

Marijuana Central, LLC, was formed in October by a Jason Mahoney of Tampa.

What's up with that?! Where are all the entrepreneurs at?!

If the medical marijuana initiative passes in November, it'll be interesting to see whether Tampa attorney John Morgan, who spent $4 million to get pot on the ballot, will recoup his investment with any business ventures, or whether Rick Scott -- who made his fortune in healthcare and knows the biz -- gets in the game. He wanted to create jobs in the state, right? BOOM.

There were more marijuana companies in the 1970s and 80s. There are all inactive now but still listed in state records:
-- Marijuana Hall of Fame
-- Marijuana Republic
-- Marijuana Haulers of Tampa
-- Marijuana Munchies

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This question could go back centuries. The Chinese used 'it' for pain, constipation and other problems. I've never used it but I don't condemn those who have. Ultimately the drug companies are going to profit. The discovery of the antipsychotic properties of this drug and pain relieving benefits should start to hush modern day conservative thinking. If I had a horrible terminal illness that rubbish junk drunk drugs could not cure, I would open (and expect) my Doctor to do what was needed.

But the words 'horrible' and doctor are seldom used together. Perhaps it's the conservative nature of the beast but I would help a person in desperate pain. THAT option has been exercised when all else has been decided by politics.

I wish you well.


As we mentioned on the Facebook post, Green Blossom Bakery in St. Pete is planning on being in business as soon as the regulatory framework is approved. We plan to provide top quality and delicious edibles to dispensaries and patients across the state. I would imagine most businesses do not have "marijuana" in the name for fear of eliciting too much attention. Another consideration is that most businesses want to separate themselves from the stereotypical "stoner" culture, and are getting into the industry out of a business interest, rather than a personal one. 

Green Blossom Bakery
Green Blossom Bakery

We have been approached by some of our fans to say they want to get into the industry, but most are pretty hush-hush for obvious reasons. Green Blossom Bakery is prepared to open as soon as it's legal and we know what regulatory mechanisms will be present!

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