Justin Bieber to Arresting Officer: "What the Fuck Did I Do?"

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via Miami Beach Police
Justin Bieber mug shot, y'all!
"Why the fuck you doing this?"

That's what Justin Bieber asked the Miami Beach Police officer who pulled over his yellow Lamborghini on Thursday morning, according to the arrest report.

"What the fuck did I do?" the pop star asked as he exited the vehicle. "Why the fuck did you stop me?"

Bieber was pulled over for drag racing and allegedly reeked of booze.

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The report says Bieber's vehicle was spotted racing a red Lamborghini southbound on Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach. The two cars were apparently tailed by a couple of black SUVs to block traffic in an attempt to give Biebz and his car ample space to use the streets of Miami Beach as his own personal racetrack.

The arresting officer wrote that the Lamborghinis hit speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on the 30-mph street, which might not seem all that fast to most people but is probably totally super fast, bro! to the Biebz and his entourage.

That's when the officer pulled up behind Bieber's car, flared on the police lights, and pulled him over.

According to the report, Bieber had "slow deliberate movements" as the officer spoke with him, indicating that he was impaired and under the influence of something.

Bieber had a "stupor look on his face," according to the report, which technically isn't a grammatically correct description, but should be, because it's awesome.

"I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver's breath and bloodshot eyes," the officer wrote in the report.

Bieber became petulant and belligerent when the officer asked him to exit the vehicle. The pop star kept his hands in his pockets, even as the officer asked him not to for his own safety.

Justin Bieber came this close to getting shot by a cop, you guys!

When asked to place his hands on the car for a pat down, Bieber said, "I ain't got no fucking weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the fuck is this about?"

Bieber refused to put his hands on the car, according the report. The officer wrote that he continually asked him to not take his hands off the vehicle. He warned Bieber if he didn't comply, he'd be arrested.

That's when Beiber swung around and faced the officer. Not a smooth move there, Stupor Look on His Face Boy.

The officer grabbed Bieber's right hand, swung it around, and cuffed him.

Bieber began to pull his arm away and asked, "What the fuck are you doing?"

What the officer was doing was arresting Justin Bieber on charges of DUI, resisting without violence, and driving with a license expired for more than six months.

Bieber Arrest Form PDF 

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Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

If you or I got a dui charge it would suck and we have to give a lawyer a few thousand to get us off the hook but this little girl/boy is going to have to give a team of lawyers hundreds of thousands and hide from tmz forever I just wish he ran over a homeless guy in his lambo

Frank Cassell
Frank Cassell

Justin, you'll be there soon & when you get there say hi to Jim, Janis, Jimi, Elvis, Kurt, Amy & all your other musician brothers & sisters who did the things you do.

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