Here's a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Arrested in South Beach

Photo by George Martinez
Uh, so unless you're down in your bomb shelter or something, you probably know Justin Bieber got busted this morning for drag racing in Miami Beach. The tween baller was allegedly running and gunning his yellow sports car in a residential part of the beach. Well, here's a video allegedly taken by a car of screaming girls trailing the Beibs as he got pinched. View it.

See also: Justin Bieber to Arresting Officer: "What The Fuck Did I Do?"

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Ryan Levin - poster boy for what can happen street racing...

Paul Sutherland
Paul Sutherland

If he gets convicted, does he get deported back to Canada?

smdrpepper topcommenter

Sad thing is, you KNOW he will end up getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Danny Morin
Danny Morin

I thought it said Bieber in drag. I was all like see told ya so.

Anthony Burgio
Anthony Burgio

Yeah that video shows nothing other than glimpses of his car.

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