Seven Things Every FSU Fan Will Do Tonight

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Photo by Antonio Morales Garcia via Wikipedia Commons
3. Shots!
Bartenders, beware; you will be pouring a lot of shots tonight.

Every touchdown the Noles score: Shots!
Every field goal the Noles make: Shots!
Every time Jameis Winston forms a sentence that almost makes sense: Shots!

4. Cry
Tallahassee will have a lot of half-nude marketing majors stumbling around with mascara running down their cheeks. I don't care if they are tears of victory or tears of defeat. You still look like a wet raccoon.

5. Vomit
It could be because of excitement, disappointment, alcohol, or the chef at Buffalo Wild Wings just not paying attention, but there will be vomiting tonight.

Don't worry, though; we're pros. Every FSU freshman has to take Intro to Getting It All In the Toilet. (Advanced Getting It All In the Toilet is harder than it sounds and taught by FSU alum Burt Reynolds.)

6. Make Statuses
You're not a Seminole fan unless you let people know via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it doesn't matter. But you're not allowed to turn on the game until you have at least five likes.

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