The Ten Most Annoying Facebook Users

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#5. The Typo Twerp
Lern to spel you moran.

#4. The Inspirational Life Coach/Vitamin Peddler
This one has their head filled with so much Tony Robbins' drivel that they can't shit without first attending a personal growth and development seminar. They tend to inundate feeds with those motivational posters, you know the ones with flowers in the background and with slogans like "There is nothing more beautiful than believing in yourself," or "Be there for others but never leave yourself behind" slathered across it. This sort is also big on multilevel marketing vitamin schemes like MonaVie and fitness programs like PX90. Be leery when they email you, you'll end up signed up to a year's worth of an Acai Berry vitamin drink without even realizing it.


#3. The "ObamaCare Is to Blame for Everything" Person.
If you believe everything that emanates from this user's profile, you'd think ObamaCare is set to incite WWIII. They are infatuated with ObamaCare to the point that they blame it for every other crisis in the USA. "ObamaCare is going run this nation to the ground," is a common post. This person is generally a vocal right-winger, who is still in mourning over the Tea Party's downfall and actively pursuing the real Obama passport.

#2. The Look at My Dinner Abuser.
So you have concocted the perfect chicken cacciatore recipe, why do you feel the need to post every single gory detail? Look, we will take your word on it. Oh you are at that new farm-to-table joint, must you post pics of your appetizer, entrée and dessert? One really would have been enough to give us the impression how delish this place is.

Flickr cc/ Ali Samieivafa
Look at my butt!

#1. The Crossfit Guy.
Witnessing this guy's shirtless posts makes you reconsider last year's New Year's resolution about joining that LA Fitness down the street. We warned you about this guy earlier. He never wears a shirt in any one of the thousands of pictures he uploads onto Facebook. Where did shirtless wonder's shirt go? We don't know? Some douchebag clothing vortex somewhere, perhaps. We do know he tends to posts countless pictures of his chiseled-ab-toned-physique with reckless abandon. Twenty pictures from his last Tough Mudder -- a little much, right? It's like he knows you gained five pounds during the last quarter and is rubbing it in. If only he exercised as much reserve over his Facebook posts as he does over his diet, we'd all be happy. He's always with a few hot workout chicks in photos, too. Girls that look much more fit than your wife of five years. Damn this guy! There is considerable overlap between Crossfit Guy and Inspirational Life Coach/Vitamin Peddler too, as they both lean for the vitamins and motivational themes.

-- by Alex Rendon

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So we can't criticize our national leaders anymore - oh yeah, only if they're Republicans.  Get a life, dude!  It's a free country and if you don't like what's on FB - get out of there.


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