Meet Seth Thompson, Known Online as "JERKING_BUD," FAU Employee Who Filmed Students Through Men's Room Peephole

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2013 just hasn't been Florida Atlantic University's year. With James Tracy, professors stomping Jesus, and the naming rights handed over to a prison system, the school has just fielded one scandal after another.

And now we have "JERKING_BUD."

Yesterday, police announced 40-year-old Seth Thompson had been arrested on charges of video voyeurism. According to the arrest affidavit, the employee, who worked in the library, filmed guys in the facility's bathroom urinating and masturbating. He then posted the clips to porn sites under the JERKING_BUD handle, catchy little numbers with titles like "A college kid and his dad taking a leak at a public bathroom" and "My buddy jerking off in the stall next to me."

Police were tipped off about the whole thing when a student allegedly caught Thompson paying him too much attention in the bathroom one day. Another student came up to the first a few days later. A 30-second clip had been posted on of the student peeing, he was told. The crime was reported to police.

So who is Seth Thompson? The man lives in Lake Worth. He worked at the university's Jaffe Center for Book Arts as a collection specialist, according to this website. Along with fellow Jaffe Center employee John Cutrone, Thompson owns a book printing business called Convivio Bookworks based in Lake Worth.

Online, however, Thompson kept up a number of user handles on porn sites as JERKING_BUD, including and Following the electronic bread crumbs, police were able to trace the handle back to Thompson. When police executed a search warrant at Thompson's home on August 14, the suspect admitted to secretly filming guys in the bathroom, then storing the clips on his FAU laptop.

"Thompson stated that he initially began recording these videos after seeing similar videos online, which gave him the impression that there are people who are enjoy [sic] viewing videos showing males masturbating and urinating," the police paperwork reads.

"He did not believe those video recordings to be serious in nature; instead, because of the anonymity of the victims, he downplayed his actions and attributed them to mischief."

Thompson resigned after the August sitdown with police. He now faces charges related to 13 videos. As of now, police have ID'd only one of the individuals caught on screen, so if you're a dude who's spent some time around the FAU library, you might want to do some awkward Googling, see if you, uh, recognize anything.

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such a young guy with a long life as a regidtered sex-offender...


I went to college and made it through somehow without beating off in school restrooms... Is this thing common or was the guy with the pics the only one beating off?


@lovingthebrazilians  Quote from article: " Another student came up to the first a few days later. A 30-second clip had been posted on of the student peeing, he was told. The crime was reported to police".

talk about A W K W A R D . . . i prolly would've told a third party - like someone from the school, so they could inform the victim.  i'm not saying i'm pee shy, but it would be very difficult for me to go up to a guy on campus and be like, "oh hey...uh, i was on a site called pornhub lookin at dudes pee. and do you have some plaid Joe Boxers?..." or something to that effect...


@smokepotallday420 i ask you, again, if you realize that you attempt to insinuate something about me.  when you arre (supposedly) a dude who's first comment was in reference to the dudes at this school wanking alot... yeah, tht 420ALL day is making you slip, bro...


@smokepotallday420 well, tas expected, that is a very myopic and equally sophomoric interpretation. since you're unable comprehend the sentiment, allow me.  what i said is known as a statement that one expresses when he or she puts 'walks in the steps of someone else.' this is the reason directors of movies have such a tough job.  trying to make the audience feel what the characters experience...and i'll have you know i  have a cousin  who is in that situaton now and it is wrought with difficulties.  that is what i expressed in my  comment.  wondering what a looong life of that would be, it takes a 'special' person to misconstrue that.

if you weren't so invested in barking up everyone's tree, humping their legs and wanting to be a contrarian; then you would totally be able to see what i said and meant.  furthermore, pedophiles abuse children. adult victims, by definition, make him NOt a pedophile...this is no different than if i saw someone sentenced to life at 19y/o.  i would express sadness that he/she is so young, but isn't what we would call sympathy. if i said."oh he didn't harm anybody!" it's ok! -THAT WOULD BE SYMPATHY FOR THE PERPETRATOR.and i think you  know difference....


Wtf? He fucked up so he should have to register for life! Who cares how young he is?? I have no sympathy for pedophiles. I guess you do!

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