Olivia Sprauer Posts Preview of Hustler Cover [NSFW]

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On Wednesday, we told you about how Olivia Sprauer (AKA Victoria James), the Martin County High English teacher that was fired for moonlighting as an "eyecandy model," had landed on the cover of Hustler magazine.

Sprauer is slated to be on the March 2014 cover, and have her own 14-page spread.

But fans of her Facebook page were treated to a sort of Christmas miracle for pervos when she revealed a preview of the cover with the caption, "comes out Xmas Eve!"

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Sprauer had previously said that she wasn't going to do porn.

She even told the Huffington Post, "I don't think Hustler is going to work out."

Obviously, Sprauer did not stick to that script.

Back in September, we reported on Sprauer's Hustler shoot. There were moments of "nervousness" for at the time, but it seems that she's settled in just fine with the whole thing.

It was in April that Sprauer, who lives in Boca Raton, made news when she was let go from her job as a teacher. She was reportedly called into the principal's office and shown one of her modeling photos that made its way to the principal. She confirmed it was her and was asked for her resignation on the spot a month before the school year ended. She was also escorted from school grounds.

via Facebook

Sprauer says she still intends on going to graduate school to eventually become a professor.

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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson

Is that english teacher a cunning linguist ?


Hmm..I think the other photos of her were MUCH better. 

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