Nudists: We Didn't Break Guinness World Record for Skinny Dip

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Bummer -- according to a newsletter from the Florida Naturist Society, the group's November 3 attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most skinny dippers at a single location -- Haulover Beach -- did not work.

Although the group had 805 dippers registered and told the Miami Herald on event day that they were sure they'd broken the record, further review of the evidence proves that isn't quite the case.

According to the Naturist Society, it had to submit photos and video shot from a helicopter to prove its record:

By 2:00 we had the registrations of 805 people.The sea was a bit rough and cool, so those entering first, after being "clicked through" the gateway, were ready to get out by the time the last 300 entered the water. The copter arrived just as the two groups switched places. In short, there is no photographic evidence of 805 people in the water at the same time.

But there was good news:

We were so gratified to see over 800 people stop by our booth to support us and share our cake celebrating the 22nd anniversary of skinnydipping at Haulover. Registrants donated $1,130 to The Paralyzed Veterans of America-Florida Chapter PVA FL. And everybody was having fun!

Organizers aren't yet sure if they'll try again next year because the organizing takes a lot of work. For now, the record remains with the nudists at Playa Vera in Almeria, Spain.

For pictures and video of the Haulover event, see the South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association website here.

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why use cartoon nudist photo there

anyway, I would join the skinny dip if I can

Well, they didn't set the record but at least they got naked and made money, lol

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