Mug-Shot Monday: You Survived the Holidays and All You Got Was This Mug Shot

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Utility Beard
This is kind of gross, but we're going to say it anyway: A beard like that is genius -- you always have a napkin on hand. Eating ribs, oh, hey, here's napkin. Got that French fry grease still on your hand, easy solution. Right? Come on, you were thinking it too. Don't lie.


Leon, the Tech Support Guy in Every Office in America
Sure, you snicker when the computer tech comes over to fix your machine and stumbles awkwardly over your small talk. Sure, he smells like the soap they have in doctors' offices. And yes, he does have "Dust in the Wind" as his ringtone. But you'd probably stop fucking with Leon if you saw him with his shirt off.


Lucky Guy
Looks like he barely made it. The bullet passed right through that thick shag but missed his head. That will teach him to talk politics at the dinner table again.

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