Mug-Shot Monday: Seinfeld Chest-Shaving Tips, Reverse Mullets, Child Stars Gone Wrong

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Rodrigo, the Wheelman
The cops have been tracking down the Bowery Boys 2.0 for years. The intel in the file says most of the gang members were wash-outs from Lower East Side garage rock bands circa 2005. Then the scene went bust. In need for money for expensive salon appointments, almond butter and Russian-lingerie model girlfriends, a number of guys banded together, began hitting banks. They never looked back.

"If You Don't Stop, I'm Going to Pull This Bus Over."
I've seen this look before. For sure. Sixth grade. Morning bus route. Miss Jane, the driver. Catching me slapping little Paulie Daniels across the back of the neck. You don't fuck with this look. Miss Jane wasn't wearing a shirt either, which looking back... was a little strange...

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