Hollywood Beach Is the Best Place on Earth, and Here's Why

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(South Beach) I think I see a spot. Wait. No. There! Ah. No. GAH!

4. You'll Find the Least Amount of Tourists Here Than Pretty Much Anywhere Else in South Florida

Every beach is going to be filled with tourists. We're Florida, and we're awesome. But Miami Beach is the bigger draw. It's trendy. It's hip. It's worldwide. It's why it sucks. Fort Lauderdale Beach attracts the Eurotrash elites while places like Dania will usually bring people from our own state on staycation. The hell is that about? Hollywood Beach has its fair share of tourists as well, but it's mostly families that aren't loud or obnoxious or out-of-towners who've been down our way before and have wised up enough where they aren't obtrusive. Crowds are bad. Loud, obnoxious foreign crowds, even more so. There is a local flair in Hollywood Beach you won't find anywhere else.

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I'm going to have to disagree about the music. I live in a condo on Hollywood Beach, and just this very minute had to close my windows and lose my beach breeze due to a "band" at a nearby establishment screaming a nightmarish rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. Really? What is this, Gulf Shores? Originally from Memphis, I guess I am more used to actual talented local musicians, but this is ridiculous. When at the beach, wouldn't you rather hear something... I don't know... beachy or tropical, maybe?

David Reyer
David Reyer

The author is obviously delusional and has never left FL

frankd4 topcommenter

..........................i guess i can't deny that places like ocean alley and giorgios are likeable since i myself frequent them BUT only during the off-season = period

PARKing is a nightmare in that entire area during season as the CANADIENs over-run the place

i would NOT ever go into the water however knowing 40,ooo,ooo gallons of fecal matter waste water is discharged DAILY into the ocean there - no thanks to that

Nicholas Brandt
Nicholas Brandt

im going to agree to disagree! unless your a retard ad think this is the only place on earth

Michael Aaron Hoffman
Michael Aaron Hoffman

totally agree. let's hope this group of commissioners doesnt ruin it by selling out to all the high end builders.

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