Here's George Zimmerman-Inspired Art for That Special Someone in Your Life

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Yesterday, the interwebs went all haywire once again thanks to some George Zimmerman-related news. This time, however, it didn't involve domestic violence. Turns out, this racist asshole wannabe tough guy person has found a way to deal with being the least liked person in the Republic: making terrible art. "Shitty Blue Crayon Flag with Words" debuted yesterday on Ebay, and collectors are scrambling to get their hands on the piece. Some lucky person is going to get an interesting gift under the Christmas tree this year.

But yesterday's piece is not the first Zimmerman-related piece of art out there. Let's take a look.


Here we have a piece from Etsy user teddahughes, the artist also responsible for "Paula Deen Fat Demon print with BUTTER pat background." This one is going for $3.


Ah, now GoodShopBadShop here has taken a realist approach, mixing in some subtle political commentary while linking Zimmerman with a similar cultural meme. Yes, interesting. "Adult White George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony Florida T-Shirt" is priced at $12.95.


In the folk-art category, here is "Voodoo Zimmerman Doll," a felt on polyfill creation with a starting price of $30. See how the childish hints are undercut by the serious subject matter? Very Shepard Fairey. Comes with three pins.


And, finally, let's not forget our American craftsmen. "A Tribute to Trayvon Martin" has found a unique way to critique the media's response to tragedy and our endless consumption of supermarket brand-name food. $25.

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Who is the RACIST?

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

They keep bringing him up extending his 15min of fame. His art wouldn't be 100,000 on eBay if they didn't do this.

Michael Kellett
Michael Kellett

Fuck zimmerman.PLEASE stop bringing this assholes name up...

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