Greyhound Racing Decoupling To Be Decided By Senate Gaming Committee

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On Monday, the Senate Gaming Committee will be meeting in Tallahassee to hear public and industry reactions to gaming and gambling issues, including greyhound racing.

Grey2K USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cruelty of greyhound racing, is asking greyhound lovers, dog lovers, and animal lovers of all kinds to submit a comment asking the committee to support greyhound decoupling.

Decoupling is basically a law that forces gambling businesses to have dog racing if they're also going to be offering the other gambling options to their customers.

Basically, holders of dog track licenses are required by law to offer at least a hundred days of live racing every year. As owners of gaming businesses, they make money from other forms of gambling, but usually end up losing money on dog racing.

Bottom line, greyhound racing is a dying industry. Yet the law requires these track owners to keep the animals around for racing, which means the dogs are spending most of their time cooped up in small cages and, more often then not, living in terrible conditions.

This is hurting not only the dogs, but the business owners and even tax payers.


Moreover, just like real-life human athletes that get injured playing sports, greyhounds too often get injured during races.

Problem is, unlike real-life human athletes, these injuries go unreported. Mostly because the gaming businesses aren't required to report the injuries, which is just archaic and awful

So, the move to have decoupling is not so much a move to ban dog racing, as it is a move to have the state get rid of an antiquated law that basically forces dogs to race for no good reason.

The Senate Gaming Committee has set a deadline to hear online comments on decoupling by 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Anyone wishing to join the fight for these pooches can click here to leave a comment, to be read by the committee during their hearing on Monday.

Grey2K USA is calling on folks to ask lawmakers to support greyhound decoupling, as well as injury reporting for the animals.

You can visit Grey2K USA Worldwide's Facebook page, as well as follow them on Twitter to get in on all the save-the-greyhound action.

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Talk about an article with a hard shift ..... what about the families and individuals that are employed by greyhound racing and the greyhounds that race. Who will take care of them ? Is Grey2K prepared to put even a penny of money up to help home these hounds ? oh yeah they dont support adoption with thier funds in any way shape or form, We as racers put our dogs into adoption. I sure hope the State of Florida can handle a much higher financial burdeon due to unemployment. 


What decoupling actually supports is greed, unemployment, destroying people's lives, and an end to the greyhound that adopters know and love. Also if you look up the numbers, wagering on racing has increased but grey2k doesn't show you the amounts bet online or via simulcast, just what is wagered at the track itself. This is the modern age and you can watch races from home and bet on them as well. You can also find out the real numbers yourself with a little research. Also you can find out the salaries that are paid out by all non profit groups because the 990s are public knowledge. You may want to check some of those numbers out, you will probably find them as interesting as I did.


Christine, every person knows g2k is only a cover for you to rake in the money for political purposes. None goes to greyhound welfare. NONE! You have been asked before, many times, to come to the aid of a greyhound, and what have you always done, turn your back. You say it's not g2k's problem. But yet you tell all your supporters that you've done remarkable things. The only thing you and your group has done, is to lie to everyone, so you can keep your gravy train rolling. You are a disgrace to the greyhound community!

Second, these dogs love to run!! If it was cruel, there wouldn't be racing. Cruelty is against the law!! Period.

So please quit your lying about helping greyhounds, and you and your husband find another way to earn a living, instead of bilking it out of people who don't know better.


The dogs are NEVER forced to race!  If they don't take to racing, they're retired and adopted out.


Grey2k USA definitely has ulterior motives when it comes to their greyhound activism. They collect hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for husband and wife operators Carey Theil and Chris Dorchak, while doing absolutely nothing to help greyhounds.

Carey and Chris have collected more than $2.5 million dollars for their "non-profit" Grey2k USA. How much has directly benefited greyhounds? Less than 1.5%. Even the HSUS can boast about better numbers than that. These two individuals make a living by slandering hard working Americans.


Wow, there is no bias in this story. Right now the middle huh.


Thank you for your clearly written and common sense blog.  Decoupling supports both humane and free market principles, in other words: fairness!  Let's hope that the new year brings the second chance the greyhounds have been waiting for.  Christine A. Dorchak, Esq., President, GREY2K USA Worldwide 

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