Teenagers Accused of "Depraved" Gang Rape Bragged of Drug Use on Facebook

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On November 1, Patricia Montes, 15, and Erica Avery, 16 invited an estranged friend over to a home in Hollywood. There, they allegedly stripped her, beat her, and held her down as she was raped by a 19-year-old man.

On Friday, our sister paper in Miami posted photos of Montes' and Avery's respective Facebook profiles, where the girls mug for their cell phone cameras wearing provocative clothing while holding blunts and bottles of alcohol. The two girls were arrested.

Along with Montes and Avery, authorities also arrested three teenaged males: Dwayne Henry, Lanel Singleton, and Jayvon Woolfork. All except Woolfork have Facebook profiles showing pictures of themselves smoking, drinking, and with mouthfuls of dollar bills.

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According to the arrest report, the victim was watching television when she was suddenly grabbed by Montes and Avery. The two girls pinned the victim down and kicked her in the head.

They then taunted her and threatened to keep beating her up unless she agreed to have sex with Woolfork.

When the victim refused, the two girls, along with Woolfork, Henry, and Singleton, beat her, dragged her by the hair into a bedroom, and ripped her clothes off.

That's when Woolfork raped her, according to the arrest report. The group apparently caught the whole act on video.

The teens eventually allowed the victim to leave the house, without her shoes. She wandered through the streets barefoot, bloodied and beaten. She eventually flagged down a passerby, who took her to a relative's home.

The victim was later taken to Hollywood Memorial Hospital, where she was treated for broken bones in her face. She also suffered swollen eyes to the point that she couldn't see. She remained in the hospital for several days.

During a hearing for the accused, Broward Circuit Judge Lisa Porter called the video disturbing.

"The conduct of these ladies is depraved," Porter said. "It is just unconscionable that people can treat other people like this. Videos don't lie, and the video is there."

Montes and Avery were each charged as adults with two counts of felony armed sexual assault and kidnapping. Bail was set at $100,000 for both. They were also ordered to wear ankle-monitoring devices and are not permitted to use the internet.

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The death penalty may not be a deterrent, but keeping them alive for life is a poor business decision. Of course politicians don't care about how they spend the tax payers money, they can take more anytime they want.


Social Media is awesome. It helps detective solve crimes like they're freaking Columbo.


Parents are to blame. No excuse for this. BEAT YOUR FUCKING KIDS. TEACH THEM SOME FUCKING RESPECT. fuck all that time out bullshit...


This is just so sad that human beings could do this to another human being.  Its just so savage!  As young as these girls are, they need to be locked away permanently or bring back the death penalty and make these girls an example; a deterrence for other young offenders.  My heart goes out to the victim and her family.  Only animals would do such things.

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

Too bad for them that they aren't Division I football players.


Animals don't rape, only people rape. And the death penalty has been proven not to work as a deterrent; the death penalty is vengeance, period. They will get the prison time they deserve.


Guess you haven't seen cats or dogs during heat. It may be their instinct but definitely not consensual.

Agree on the death penalty not being a deterrent. People seem to think that punishment for some is enough to make others avoid it, but in reality it is futile... generally people don't think "I'm going to jail for this," while planning/commiting a crime - they think they are invincible or won't be caught, so why would they think about the death penalty as a detterent.

I do think the death penalty is appropriate in some situations but should be carried out as soon as all appeals are denied instead of costing tax payers $20-$30 grand a year while incarcerated.

They all need to be charged as adults and with felonies. All should be made to register as sex offenders as well.

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