Florida Firearm Background Checks Nears 1 Million Mark for 2013

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This just in: Florida LOVES guns.

Last month came the figures that showed Florida was on its way to breaking an all-time record in statewide gun sales.

And with gun sales come background checks. Sometimes, anyway.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a record 1 million background checks have been done this year.

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This news comes exactly one year after it was announced that Florida was officially number one in the most people with concealed weapons permits in the U.S.

So basically, Florida is on pace to literally own all of the guns.

The total number of background checks for 2013 is so far at 823,653. This pretty much blows away the previous record of 797,610 total set in 2012 with a proverbial high-powered assault rifle.

Weirdly, the report also says the agency ran an all-time high of about 13,500 checks during Thanksgiving weekend. Last year, Thanksgiving weekend ran 200 or so.

According to WEAR-TV (ABC Channel 3), the number of gun sales was heavier at the beginning of 2013 after the debate over gun control went supernova following the mass shootings at Sandy Hook.

And, according to the Sun Sentinel, gun shop owners confirm that the surge in gun purchases was jacked up following Sandy Hook last December.

"Everybody under the sun was purchasing weapons," said Les Wexler, owner of K&W Gunworks in Delray Beach.

That momentum didn't last long.

"After Sandy Hook, it went nuts. Then it slowed down," said Gary Lampert, a managing partner at National Armory, a gun store and range in Pompano Beach.

It eventually quieted down a bit. But obviously not enough to quell the oncoming record-breaking numbers.

Some wacko walked into an elementary school with an assault rifle and murdered little kids, and Florida's reaction was to BUYY MOARR GUNNZZ..

Keep on Floridaing, Florida!

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

American Gun MADNESS !!

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

Wait your telling me that even without Obama's gun laws they do background checks?

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

We sure do love our guns down here, don't we?


more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is a good thing, unless you are a criminal.

 9 out of 10 criminals prefer unarmed victims.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@redd  ... Jared Laughner, James Holmes, Seung-Hui Cho, Charles Carl Roberts, Steven Kazmierczak, and Karl Pierson were all "Law Abiding Gun Owners" ...

... right up to the moment they pulled the trigger.


Why don't you go eat a bag of baby dicks bitch! Come to my front door and I'll show you my Desert Eagle you redneck piece of shit


I like the state plenty. It's you dumb Floridiots that I can't stand. Keep your bitch ass in Jacksonville douche.


I like the state plenty. It's you dumb Floridiots that I can't stand. Keep your bitch ass in Jacksonville douche



if you don't like the state, GTFO!   

a desert eagle  bruhaaaa!    

over compensate much?

did you get it gold plated? 

do  you wear it in  a shoulder rig.. with your members only jacket too?


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