Five Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas — From Craigslist

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You're screwed. Yup, no question. It might not be your fault. It's been a busy couple of weeks, what with work, family, friends. But here it is the weekend before Christmas, and you haven't bought any gifts yet. Santa's sleigh is empty. The malls this weekend are going to be a Yeezus-tour of sensory overload and screaming kids, so you might as well stay far away. You've also missed the window for online shopping, unless you want to pay out the ass for shipping and handling. No, you are screwed... unless you hit up Craigslist.

We know... not the most glamorous shopping option. But by this time, you can't really be choosy. And hey, we've gone ahead and scoped out some of the best gift options out there. You are very welcome.

Large 'Dogs Playing Pool' Painting with Gorgeous Frame - $175 (aventura)
Perfect Gift For: dads, uncles, war buddies, someone who gave you a kidney, friends from LA
This is that classy kitsch art piece that satisfies snobs and nonart folk alike.

NYPD Badges for Sale (Pompano Beach, FL)
Perfect Gift For: Friend from high school who works mall security (note: not friend from work who's been talking more and more about the Illuminati's hold on the government and watching V for Vendetta every night before bed. Not for him).
In the age of NATIONAL SECURITY, seems a little weird you can pick up a vast range of real NYPD badges for only $249. Yay, consumerism!

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