"Festivus Pole" Made of Beer Cans Approved; Will Go Up in Florida Capitol Next to Jesus' Manger

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"I got the official letter," Chaz Stevens announced to New Times late Friday afternoon. "I'm in."

Stevens, a self-described "militant atheist" who is known for relentless, sometimes crude, and usually effective methods of exposing government wrongdoing, got approval today to erect a six-foot-tall "festivus pole" in the rotunda of the Florida Capitol, next to baby Jesus' manger. He will travel to Tallahassee to install it on December 11.

Last year, the City of Deerfield Beach had to allow Stevens to erect his pole on city property, since it had allowed other religious-themed holiday displays. This year, Deerfield opted not to allow any displays at all.

But the state this year allowed private groups -- the Florida Nativity Scene Committee and Reclaim Christ for Christmas -- to place a manger and wise men in the Capitol, so Stevens applied as well.

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He noted that he saw a spike in traffic to his blog and suspects that suspicious Capitol staffers "were all over my blog past two days checking me out -- like, who's this nitwit?" but ultimately he was approved without any hassle or legal threats. He says staff from the Department of Management Services were friendly and helped him locate the form he needed. "I would never have found the form in a million years. No muss, no fuss."

"I cannot freakin' believe they approved this!" Stevens said, delighted. "I never thought after last year we would get another 15 minutes of fame -- the pole gets another 15 minutes."

He says he stole the idea from a Seinfeld episode and doesn't even drink beer -- "I'm a recovering alcoholic."

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the guy is a d-bag - doesn't he have anything more constructive to do?


A former Palm Beach County jailbird is finally recognized for placing a beer pole at the Capitol? Puh-lease!!!!! I find it incredible that the New Times promotes this girlfriend beating scumbag. Keep promoting this abuser, he's bound to relapse and cause the New Times to ask for it's Gadfly of the year award back. The scumbag is having a very difficult time keeping his lies straight on his blog. Must be from all the stress from being under investigation. CWP, one balled, CWP.


Thank you, Florida.  You have always been a beacon to the rest of us, standing tall and proud for religious tolerance.


Good for him.  Already tired of the holiday season though.


Timothy Stevens the loser with no self esteem who changed his name to Chaz, will do anything to get attention.Many REAL activists find his repugnant behavior an insult and digrace to others who work hard to clean society of its scum....the question is how does scum become an activist? Start by drinking yourself into oblivion everyday until you have zero brain cells along with no morals or integrity than abuse women and others ending up alone with no REAL friends.Sad but true folks the REAL Timothy Stevens .......for more info about this athiest scum read LeoaffairsHollywood forums Gary Lalonde

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