Debbie Wasserman Schultz Takes on Rick Scott's Makeover in Sun Sentinel Op-Ed

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We've been writing and writing about Rick Scott's sudden drive to look like he's getting things done lately, thanks to the fact that his first term is soon coming to an end and he wants to stick around for another four years.

And now Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, has jumped on that train in an op-ed published by the Sun Sentinel on Monday.

"Rick Scott wanted voters to think he had changed his stripes," she says in the piece. "But all he did was prove that he is willing to say anything to win reelection."

Sick burn, yo.

Wasserman Schultz takes special aim at Scott's 2013 Year of Making Myself Look Ridiculously Good, listing ways the governor tried to sugarcoat his failures.

"The year began with Scott trying to appear moderate by endorsing a key component of the Affordable Care Act, an expansion of Medicaid that would help over a million Floridians get health care," Wasserman Schultz writes. "Unfortunately for Floridians, while Scott said he supported Medicaid expansion, he didn't lift a finger to try to persuade his tea party colleagues in the legislature to pass the measure, and didn't say a word as they torpedoed the proposal."

Wasserman Schultz then goes all supernova on Scott, listing the chaos and scandal that has followed him throughout the year:

Lurching from scandal to scandal, the Scott administration has spent much of 2013 in chaos. In March, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll resigned amidst scandals involving her business career. In July, Scott's chief child protection officer resigned after tragedy struck over a dozen neglected children across Florida. In August, Scott's handpicked education commissioner resigned after news reports revealed that he had fixed a school grade for a wealthy donor, and just last week his Chief of Staff admitted that he lied about his education credentials on his resume.

"Lurching." Heh.

Anyway, the entire thing is typical politics hit-and-run and BAH LOOK HOW AWFUL THIS GUY IS, PEOPLE.

Of course, most Floridians know how bad Scott has been and are even willing to give Charlie Crist another shot. Even if he is kind of a mysterious shady dude we're not too sure about.

Anything would be better than the Aztec Snake God at this point.

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Russell Stookey
Russell Stookey

She is a bad ass. He had hair before she got on him!

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

Media's has a laundry list of reasons she shouldn't run for reelection ever again. Like I said she is not one to talk. Guess she didn't know in Florida you could keep your children on your insurance plan till 25 prior to obamacare.

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

She's just telling the Truth about Gov Skeletor what the truth Hurts

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

Medusa needs to shut her mouth. She really isn't one to talk

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Oh Debbie. 

With your credibility on all things political, you practically guaranteed his re-election. Go back to parroting Obama's talking points.

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