Atheist Says He'll Sue Deerfield Beach for Putting Up Manger but Not Allowing Festivus Pole

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Chaz Stevens
As shown in the following video, the City of Deerfield Beach has put up a manger scene, along with a few other holiday props, on public property at the city's fire station.

Chaz Stevens, an activist and self-described "militant atheist," says he warned the city that he would sue if it put up any religious displays without also erecting a "Festivus pole," an homage to a fake holiday that was immortalized in an episode of Seinfeld.

Stevens told New Times he suspects that the nativity scene was put up at the behest of Mayor Jean Robb and that, since he warned city officials he would sue, she "must not care about taxpayer money." He said he is consulting with the American Civil Liberties Union to examine his legal options.

Stevens caused a hubub in the city last year when he complained about the manger violating separation of church and state and was eventually allowed to erect his Festivus pole. This year, the city initially said it wouldn't allow any holiday displays at all, so Stevens took his activism to Tallahassee, where he was allowed to erect his pole in the rotunda of the Capitol.

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In the following video, Stevens refers to the "baby fucking Jesus," says it looks "like somebody stuck their finger up the little baby's ass," calls the manger a "baby Jesus Motel 6," and says a fake deer looks like it has herpes.

"People don't fucking learn?" he says. "Told you I was gonna sue."

City officials could not be reached Sunday.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

The religious crowd sure does live off of the public teat. Religious displays on city property is the least of their tax siphoning activities. Consider their "choice" not to pay taxes. No income tax. No property tax. No sales tax. How many of these strip mall "churches" have taken their rented property off of the tax rolls. Ride down Federal Highway and note the acres of prime property owned by churches, who get more than their fair share of taxpayer provided services. It is a scam and everyone subsidizes these blood suckers. While Deerfield and the rest of the municipalities are crying about decreased tax revenues, why don't they look at these $$$ sucking churches?

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

Good! I'm not an atheist, but I remember when this man erected the pole in Tallahassee because the town of Deerfield released a statement saying that no holiday decorations would be placed on public land this year. This guy should sue for so much money that every other municipality think twice before pulling this type of bullshit.


Greetings from Deerfield Beach.

Mission Accomplished!

Let the airing of grievances begin!

- Chaz


Give it a rest. Nobody cares. It is PC bullshit like this that is turning this country into a bunch of whining little pussies. Get a fucking life.


Sigh. Hard core atheists never seem to see the irony in their incessant evangelizing about their beliefs. Give it a rest Chaz. You're as bad as the worst Bible thumpers.


I think Chaz is just trying to piss off FAUX "news" at this point.

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