Five Animals That Look Like Rick Scott

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Physically, Gov. Rick Scott has been compared to many things: Lord Voldemort, a ladle full of Greek yogurt, a calcium-deficient fingernail.

And, sure, the dude looks like something that would pop out of a hole and bite you. But I'm not here to pick the low-hanging fruit. I'm not going to sit here and point out that this esteemed public servant looks like an evil wizard or a pencil.

No. I'm here to point out the five animals that look like Rick Scott.

Photo by Kevin O'Connel/Wikipedia Commons
1. Bald Uakari

This is a Bald Uakari. I know it might not look like Ricky now, but send the governor on a two-week vacation to Turks and Caicos, then steal the sunscreen out of his carry-on before he boards the plane.

Upon his arrival home, put him side by side with the Bald Uakari and try to tell the difference between the two. I suspect you'd be halfway through greeting the governor before you realized you were shaking the hand of a monkey.

Things they have in common:
• A strong lower jaw capable of cracking hard nuts.
• Confronted with evidence that it may have made a poor decision, communicates with a loud, stabbing cry that sounds like, "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!"

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All these animals are better looking than Scott, and I know there smarter!

Marion Young
Marion Young

That is offensive to all of these animals.

SethPlatt topcommenter

Come on where is the praying mantis that Rick can not help imitating with his gaunt frame, awkward hand gestures, and propensity to prey on the weak?

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