Encyclopedia of Medical Marijuana Laws: Your Tax Dollars at Work

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Everything you always wanted to know (but were too stoned to ask) about medical marijuana laws and marijuana use in the US of A is now available in a report from the good folks at a Florida official body called the Financial Impact Estimating Conference.

For a government publication, it's a juicy read, 413 pages full of fascinating nuggets of reefer trivia. As far as its official purpose -- to provide state government with an estimate of the impact of medical marijuana on public revenues and expenses --it has a ways to go.

By state law, the FIEC kicks in whenever a proposed constitutional amendment has qualified to be filed with the Secretary of State. Its members are appointed by the Governor and the Legislature, and its meetings are open to the public. Video of the meetings can be seen here, here and here.

After three meetings, the group has given birth to an exhaustive survey of how medical marijuana programs have been implemented (and their costs and fees) in the states and localities that have done so, including government and private research papers, highly detailed as to who is using medical marijuana, how and why. The group's initial report is here, with follow-ups here and here.

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