Sage Rosenfels, Former Dolphins QB, Calls Jeff Ireland Worst GM on Twitter

Well now.

This isn't the first time an NFL player has publicly stated what a dislikable person Ireland is.

In 2012, then-free agent safety Ryan Clark also took to Twitter to talk up Jeff Ireland's assholeishness.

Ryan visited the Dolphins to discuss joining the team. He eventually turned down Miami to remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers -- who offered him less money.

Ryan then tweeted out that no one wants to play for Ireland:

"No one! To believe I almost went there but it was easy decision not to... It's my honest opinion. Not a good guy making decisions... Done w talk of the Dolphins. Good luck to their team. Their are some good men working hard to win games ON the field... After having so much interaction w Phins fans today I am even more excited that I was blessed to stay in Pittsburgh. God knew better than me."

Ireland defenders (yes, those exist) will say that Sage and Clark have agendas and that the latest Martin revelation is being fueled by a disgruntled NFL agent.

But The Chronicles of Jeff Ireland Having No Business Running a Football keeps piling up chapters.

How many GMs have had players call them out publicly?

How many would keep their jobs not only after having their teams finish 7-9 year after year but also after this ugly bullying mess?

How many people out there are genuinely shocked to learn that Ireland told Martin to punch another player?

Neither Clark nor Rosenfels had anything to gain in expressing his disdain for the Dolphins' GM.

NONE of this is revelatory in the least. We're just chroniclers of the Crapfest known as the Miami Dolphins. And Jeff Ireland is -- as always -- smack in the middle.

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Dino MacabreEnt
Dino MacabreEnt

Ahhh i've been sayin it in every post you make about the Dolphins. Ha. But being a Jets fan its good the fins are losers. With that being said every team deserves a legit chance to be a winner. AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNTIL P.O.S. IRELAND IS GONE!

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