Cannabis Planet TV Airs Saturday With Help of Robert Platshorn

Cannabis Planet TV via Facebook
God's green plant now has a friend in cable television as the new show Cannabis Planet TV debuts on several stations across the United States, including South Florida's WHDT. The man who is partly responsible for getting it aired is Palm Beach pot activist and convicted smuggler Robert Platshorn, who is the program's media director.

Los Angeles-based Executive Producer Brad Lane began airing the program to promote the benefits of marijuana. Cannabis Planet TV debuted on station KJLA in July 2009, but since then, Lane has had trouble getting it aired on TV stations beyond California because its content was deemed too controversial.

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But things are starting to change, particularly now that Platshorn is out of prison and marijuana legalization efforts are starting to sweep the nation.

You see, before Platshorn spent nearly 30 years in federal prison for smuggling tons of Colombia's finest grass, he produced infomercials for television. His repertoire includes one of the first Ginzu knife commercials as well as some experience in production for TV stations in Philadelphia. This isn't Platshorn's first run at ganja-themed television programming. His informercial "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?", which aims to educate senior citizens on the benefits of medical cannabis, has been running on local stations for some time now.

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Lane has been pursuing Platshorn for years to harness his expertise on weed and TV experience, enlisting his help after a new syndication effort between Lane and fellow producer and colleague Bill Scher.

Lane wanted to take Cannabis Planet TV to different markets and found a way Lane sent WHDT owner Gunter Marksteiner a sample of the program and he gave the show a prime-time slot or in the fourth quarter.

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