Miami Heat Players Fell Asleep After Their Thanksgiving Dinner

via Instagram
With the Miami Heat having to play a game in Cleveland on Wednesday (really, NBA? Send the two-time champion on the road during Thanksgiving to Cleveland?), LeBron James hosted the team for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday at his Akron mansion.

And, as it is with this team, once dinner was over, the crazy good times began.

As the tryptophan started taking effect, Udonis Haslem grabbed his phone and began taking shots of players as they all fell prey to the turkey.

Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

One by one, Haslem caught them. And then proceeded to post it on his Instagram for all the world to see.

First off, there was Dwyane Wade. Adorable!

Then, he caught Michael Beasley snoozing.

There was also Heat assistant coach Bob McAdoo looking like everyone's father last night.

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