Kim Rothstein Sentenced to 18 Months in Federal Prison

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Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's wife, Kim Rothstein has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, followed by two years of probation.

The sentence was handed down Tuesday afternoon at Fort Lauderdale federal court.

While prosecutors were pushing for at least two years, the judge cited Rothstein's cooperation as to why she was given a lighter sentence.

In February, Kim plead guilty on her conspiracy charge to commit money laundering after it was discovered that she and her pals concealed more than $1 million worth of jewelry from the federal government, including a 12.08-carat diamond ring worth 450 grand.

Kim's former attorney Scott Saidel and her friend Stacie Weisman, had cooked up a scheme to sell the jewelry and then persuade Scott to lie during a sworn deposition when he was asked about the diamond ring.

Kim, 39, purportedly tried to stash and hide from the feds an intense yellow VS2 radiant-cut colored diamond, which is supposedly very rare and very large.

Scott had purchased the ring for $403,012 back in July 2008.

Before the feds seized the Rothsteins' assets back in November 2009, Kim Rothstein, Saidel, and Weisman "knowingly took action to conceal certain items of jewelry, valued in excess of one million dollars," according to federal prosecutors.

Kim filed for divorce from Scot just last week, and had requested that a federal court give her a break on prison time before Tuesday's sentencing.

Hiding a $450,000 ring from the feds and then pretending it never existed is far cry from the $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme her husband put together, but it's still a pretty big deal.

Or, at least, 18 months and two years of probation kind of a big deal, anyway.

"I'm willing to serve my time with dignity," Rothstein said in court today. "I'm very ashamed and I'm Willing to pay the consequences."

Now ex-husband Scott is currently serving 50 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to five felony charges for orchestrating the biggest investment fraud in South Florida history.

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what help..the scumbag already serving 50 years ..this judge is the biggest aho going.goes to prove money talks bull sht walks

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Just having to service him should have been penalty enough. How much time did Bernie Madoff's wife get?


Hahahahahaha you pretentious fucking whore lol

frankd4 topcommenter


@KennyPowersII.................................madoffs WIFE didn't lie to the court..............madoffs kid did and one is dead but the other will soon die of cancer..................KIM could have played the FEMME FETALE in distress with a desperate need of a rich husband and snared some ft lauderdale buzzard with money who would have been willing to pay for a young quasi-trophy wife - instead she killed that chance of landing the golden goose with G R E E D

however ms picower did hold her husbands head underwater in their PALM BEACH pool for a bit too long - he had a heart-attack - and she was able to keep $200 million of the $7.6 BILLION she turned over from her dead husband's checking account in a very shrewed deal indeed (none of the corrupt russian oligarchs will ever bother her to recover their stolen BILLIONs .....AND ms picower didn't miss one day of cannasta at the club)

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