Jon Stewart Rips Richie Incognito, Football Culture on The Daily Show

The Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin issue has been the biggest news in sports for the past week and a half. And last night, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart weighed in on it all.

Stewart showed clips of newscasters reading transcripts from Incognito's now-infamous voice-mail message in which he called Martin a racial slur and said he'd defecate in his mouth.

He also riffed on the football neanderthal culture of how Martin should've just stood up for himself rather than leaving the team.

And, of course, he ripped on Richie Incognito.

"Incognito?" Stewart says. That's a name an undercover cop comes up with on the fly on one of those Police Academy movies."

Stewart went on to show the video of Incognito spazzing out at Dirty Blondes, saying "Has there ever been a less-apt name than Incognito?"

From there, John Oliver, Jason Jones, and Al Madrigal put on a Dos and Don'ts workplace conduct skit.

Now even non-sports-watching Americans are learning what a circus the Miami Dolphins are!


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Kristin684 topcommenter

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Danny Morin
Danny Morin

Oh fucking waaaaa. God damn this country is becoming a bunch of whiny ass babies. For the love of god these are 2 grown men playing a sport in which hitting someone is the objective.

Michael Aaron Hoffman
Michael Aaron Hoffman

Being on a NFL team is not a reason to treat people like shit and act like a prima donna child. you want to haze rookies to do something with their money so they cant spend on it themselves and their family, make a tradition of a donation to charity you fat greedy f*cks, it does not need to go to shovelling food and alcohol into your fat guts. Its time for the NFL to change.

frankd4 topcommenter

...........................could you imagine ANY of these whinney wimpy babies playing in sub-ZERO weather, as in the ICE BOWL, for pay of about what todays worst player makes in about an hour ? 

there were NO domed heated covered stadiums back then to protect their darling precious little skin from the freezing temperature making the ground like concrete or having to catch footballs that were rock hard in driving sleet and snow and howling wind

todays players resort to synthetic rap-music mouthing off between their peeps and attorneys and public relations spokepersons through tweets and fax machines and pre-recorded video WHEN IN THE old days players would simply SPIT in each others faces, mano-a-mano, tete-to-tete - right then and there = period = AND STILL PLAY with broken bones and noses and concusions back then instead of today file arbitration complaints and cry and sniffle and pout

REAL golfers back then were tougher than todays football pansie = period

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