Jeffrey Loria Sells Painting Worth Slightly Less Than Entire Marlins Roster

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria sold a painting that cost more than any one player on the team's roster.

In fact, it cost slightly less than the entire Marlins roster combined.

Loria sold the painting for a cool $32 million.

The 2013 Marlins roster comes in at a combined $39 million.


Christie's in New York recently held an art auction, and dealing art is Loria's area of expertise. Well, that and destroying baseball franchises and screwing over baseball fans and their cities.

The painting, Diego en chemise ecossaise by Alberto Giacometti, was reportedly worth about $50 million, but Loria was able to fetch "only" $32.6 million for it.

Still, that's not too shabby, seeing how this was a record amount for a Giacometti.

Diego en chemise ecossaise, by Alberto Giacometti. Sold for $32 million. Giancarlo Stanton's contract? $537,000
And that's all fine and well. Loria is a businessman, and he's an art dealer, and this is how he makes his scratch.

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That is too much money for anyone but Me to have. Greed that's the thing to base a country on?


The @Marlins are a thousand times better franchise than the #Dolphins, scary but true.  The Marlins young core players should win a lot next year, and with more revenue, and with some spending, stick around later.  

Luria might be a shameless narcissist who won a very favorable deal for taxpayer money, but he's not a lying sack of shit like Steven M. Ross who owns the Dolphins.  

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Get it straight.    Loria is a smart businessman.

George Soros is and evil tycoon.

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