Florida to Completely Disappear When the World's Ice Melts

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National Geographic made an interactive map recently to show what exactly would happen to the earth if all the ice melted. And good news, everybody, we'd all drown!

Other big cities, like New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, and London would also be screwed. But only partially. Florida, on the other hand, would be completely submerged into the ocean. Like Atlantis! Except with weird criminals and spotty politicians.

Even science hates us!

The visual, which you can see here, is meant to show just how bad things will get for everyone on the planet once all the ice was gone.

Though the scientists tracking the current ice melt around the globe say that it would be around 5,000 years for all of it to melt, it still paints a gloomy picture for humanity -- starting with our fair state.

via National Geographic

The end result is pretty nuts. The average temperature around the Earth would rise from 58 degrees to 80 degrees, there would be mass migrations to higher ground, causing overpopulations in those parts of the world. There would be massive economic collapse, which would lead to war, pestilence, famine and, of course, death everywhere.

Really, not much different than our current times. Just, a lot wetter.

In North America alone, the entire Atlantic seaboard would sink along with Florida and the Gulf Coast.

So what's this all mean?

It means that the ice is going to keep on melting if we keep our greenhouse gas levels up. Unless "the billions of tons of our annual emissions decrease substantially, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Basically, we need to chill with the environment. EIther that, or everybody grab a floatie!

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Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Invest in SCUBA gear and business licensing. Seriously.

Kerry Polycarpe
Kerry Polycarpe

But seriously I pray to God that this don't happen for real for Florida the sunshine is a place for fun and work even though it have it's problems couldn't manage being any place but here.

Kimber Kirton
Kimber Kirton

That's why people move here, right? The new American dream of waterfront property. At least there is something positive coming from melting ice caps. The negative part is, of course, there will no longer be any Weird (and often, Batshit Crazy) Florida news for the world to heckle us after reading.


There are spots down here that are already sinking regularly..

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