Florida Man Takes Upskirt Photos of Walmart Shopper

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While you're in the thick of all that Black Friday shopping today, you might want to be alert for other shoppers trying to take pictures of your vagina.

So, you know. Be wary of that. Or wear pants.

A Brookline, Florida, man was arrested for allegedly taking pictures underneath an unsuspecting woman's skirt while she shopped at a Walmart.

This guy was pretty determined to get that upskirt shot because, according to Hernando County Police, the woman, Jennifer Frye, says that Eric Walters, 39, was walking beside her inside the store and allegedly tried to reach his phone underneath her skirt and started snapping away.

It's not hard to spot a strange dude creepin' right next to you awkwardly trying to shove his camera under your skirt, so Frye was able to confront Walters.

He ran away, according to Frye.

Cops were able to track Walters down using the store's surveillance video. The Walmart is located at 7305 Broad St.

Police were able to contact Walters. He told them over the phone that, while he was confronted by Frye, he denied taking photos or videos of her.

Shockingly enough, according to police records, this was not the first time Walters was busted for being a total creeper.

On November 5, Walters was arrested for stalking. And then on November 15, he was busted for indecent exposure.

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Arabella Drummond
Arabella Drummond

What he needs is a big damn slap upside the head!! What the hell dude really??? While the ladies were shopping?? What a scum bag piece of rat shit!!! Ya know there a special place in prison for guys like you !!

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