JFK Killing: Deathbed Confession From Key CIA Figure Implicated LBJ

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Saint John says LBJ was linked with seven murders and was a "vile, underhanded backstabbing sociopath."

In the summer of 1963, St. John says, another CIA guy, Bill Harvey, called his father to a
"big safehouse here at the UM campus" with Frank Sturgis, David Morales, and Harvey, and "this is what he told me on his deathbed -- they were putting together an option -- an idea, a contingency plan for the big event -- for the elimination of a powerful American figure is what they told my dad -- who would be traveling on business. Everything was on a need-to-know basis -- my dad didn't want to know who it was.

"Bill Harvey was the boss. He loved being on dirty side. My dad was like an American James Bond -- smoking fine Cuban cigars, exotic mistresses, foreign dignitaries, a
ladies man, a letters man. My dad was brought in to look at what these guys were putting out there, to tighten up the plan. They respected my dad and knew he was a Kennedy hater."

St. John believes that the head shot to Kennedy was made by Lucien Sarti behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll and that an operative named Mack Wallace whose fingerprints were found could have shot also. It was all pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald, and "Bill Harvey got Jack Ruby to gun him down. My dad told me that Jack Ruby, on orders from the Mafia, shot Oswald and it had to be worked out with the Dallas PD. There's no reason Jack Ruby just snuck there and shot him out of mourning for JFK.

"My father's alibis changed over time... My mom told me [my dad] went to Dallas that day." He said there's a memo "from Richard Helms, the CIA head that says, 'One day we'll have to explain why Hunt was in Dallas on the 22nd.'"

Years later, "in 1972 when Watergate happened, I was the only one home. My dad came in and opened the door. I'm 17, long hair past my shoulders; I just wanted to smoke weed and play rock music." But he ran upstairs -- "he ordered me to put Playtex gloves on, and get paper towels and Windex and go over a large suitcase of audio equipment --
stuff he dragged out of the Watergate.

"I helped him clean fingerprints and throw it out and dumped it in water. I also
transported large sums of money in manila envelopes."

His father "expected this whole thing to be quashed -- no investigation. But as he was betrayed with the Bay of Pigs, he was betrayed again with Watergate.

"I was questioned during Watergate hearings" -- and can still be seen in old video footage, hair in a ponytail and a suit coat. "I lied to the committee. Cubans, Gordon Liddy, all these guys had been coming to our house. My dad had told me, 'Say you didn't see them.' We had developed a bond of secrecy."

Saint John says that while criminal proceedings were in process against his dad, his mother died in a plane crash with $10,000 on her -- the cover story was that she was investing with family in a Holiday Inn" but it was really to "pay off people who helped get the bugging devices for Watergate." St. John thinks the crash was orchestrated to put pressure on his dad. "A day after my mom died, my dad pled guilty. The day after the plane crash, Nixon appointed one of his closest advisers to head the crash investigation." His dad eventually served 33 months.

St. John "moved away -- started a band on a farm in desolate Wisconsin" -- and his little brother was sent to Miami, and they both got involved with drugs. He says that in the early 2000s, they tried to get their dad to write a new book with the full truth but he was afraid of perjury. His dad sent him an audiotape in 2004, though -- that audio is on YouTube.

For more, read the Wikipedia entry here and in his book.

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2004 deathbead confession (the printed January 04 Howard E. Hunt Testimoney) created the need sanitizing of the JFK assassination perhaps by St. John Hunt, so was Hunt at the JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL LINDSAY because some of the hitpeople of JFK were there 04 jenner double homicide and they were deciding how to sanitize the hit.The kids were there too, the kids of the kids of the hitmen and hitwomen.So0, St.JOHN HUNT hates his dad and then shows up for 0minutes of hand holding to get the CASH COW STORY IN Rosebud quotes with his dad’s name on it. And then the sanitizing, i.e., the new hitlist is executed, done, ordered and played out.Jenner 04 double homicide was a meeting of a gun club and their spoiled tots, who just believe they can shoot em up and never be caught.On a death bed, do you know how easy it is for a kid who hates their dad to show up and make a father sign off of ANYTHING AT ALL? AND FOR MONEY THEY GOET THEM TO SIGN OFF MONEY FOR STONE MONEY FOR ST. JOHN, MONEY FOR HAVING THE EXCUSE TO KILL ALL OTHER WITNESSES, MONEY ON JFK KILLING, MONEY ON ZODIAC MURDERS, which the real hitmen and women don’t get.Pray for one or three honest soldiers in this mix and ask why the sons and the daughters of even the Kennedy Clan don’t protect the real witnesses on the murder of JFK.Michael Claire Welch and Mary Melissa Welch trained to shoot with the actual shooter of JFK but they were not good enough. In 2004, the two brats joined with their Charlie Manson killer extra print on the scene of murder of Sharon tate and they murdered their mom, beginning in 2004.A “cutlass” like car tried to kill the other sister first, but she called dispatch and it was realized by the Sonoma County Sheriff that the cutlass type car was at the murder of the Christians at the beach of 2004 Jenner double homicide.Do the simple match and ask why Stone doesn’t even protect witnesses (did he do Mary Melissa like Thomas Weisel did, is she their hitwoman).Stone would be wise to get out of the buy and sell or lose credibility.St. John Hunts gets his dad to sign off on a story (oh, the figurative ten minute handholding the kids do (forcing the sick to sign) after leaving the caretaking to someone who cares) and then the figurative ten minute man or woman has the crew meet at Jenner 04 after a radio call (which is listed on the writing of the Jenner 04 double homicide) and the radio code is “dealy square” radio code, sorry kids, the playing is OVER.Too bad the maiden name of the mother of Michael Welch is “St. John”.Looks like Howard E. Hunt found a way to keep his own son from Sanitizing the FINAL TRUTH ON DEALY SQUARE AND JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL AND ALLEN INVESTIGATE AND ARREST THE EXTRA KILLERS OF TATE.

frankd4 topcommenter

.................................any time someone is "selling" something like a book or a CD or a movie etc they seem to have to "reveal" a previously undisclosed item to create media "buzz"

in my recently reading of Robert Kennedy and His Times by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. a great many conspiracy theories seem entirely plausible in JFKs assassination and the only thing ANYone can say factually is:  that SOMEone shot JFK = period

the LIST includes (but not limited to): castro; the CIA; the FBI; LBJ; nixon; the KGB; nikita khruschev; judith campbell exner; jimmy hoffa; frank sinatra; santos trafficante; sam giancana; chicken parmigiana;  and on and on

so i suppose HOWARD HUNT et al can be added to the list and as time goes on and all those that can REFUTE details are DEAD then more and more will also be added in the future

what i would like to find someDAY is mrs kennedy's (jackie O) pill-box hat and white gloves so that those articles of clothing can rejoin the blood stained pink cassini dress in storage as unavailable to the public for another fifty years or upon daughter CAROLINE's demise

frankd4 topcommenter

...................................personally,  i was at that window in the school book depository in 1993,  and i stuck my head out,  and yes,  i could see the street but,  no,  i could not see how someone could hold and aim a bolt-action rifle at that angle from that distance with accuracy THREE TIMEs in succession ! no way no how = period

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