JFK Killing: Deathbed Confession From Key CIA Figure Implicated LBJ

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St. John Hunt
St. John Hunt in 1972, "the week of Watergate," he says.
E. Howard Hunt was a key political figure during the 1950s and 60s. He graduated from Brown University, served in WWII, and joined the CIA in 1949. Stationed in Mexico City, he supervised conservative William F. Buckley. In Guatemala, he helped overthrow the government, partly by airing radio broadcasts from Florida but pretending to be in the jungle with a guerrilla army.

After stints in Japan and Uruguay, Hunt was sent to Cuba to help organize rebels to take over the government once the CIA ousted Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion -- except, the Bay of Pigs failed.

This had two big consequences for Hunt: (1) He came to resent John F. Kennedy for not being more committed to overthrow Castro, and (2) His job changed to focus on domestic issues -- he became "the first Chief of Covert Action for the CIA's Domestic Operations Division," under the Kennedy Administration. Part of his job was to give false information to and mislead news organizations.

In 1970, he retired from the CIA and joined Nixon's White House, as part of the "President's Special Investigations Unit, also known as the "White House Plumbers." In 1972, he and G.Gordon Liddy recruited five men (most Cubans) to break into the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate building, thus igniting one of America's biggest scandals.

After Hunt served 33 months in prison (he pleaded guilty right after his wife died in a mysterious plane crash), he wrote spy novels and lived in Miami. Because of his clandestine past, conflicting testimony he gave during Watergate investigations, and his professional truth-fudging, there is still a lot of mystery around things he said and did in his life. One of the biggest questions is: Where was he when JFK was killed, and what did he know about it?

We talked to his son, Saint John Hunt, who wrote a book called Bond of Secrecy, about his father. The younger Hunt moved to Fort Lauderdale a few months ago.

Saint John says he worked in health care for 12 years but is seeking work in the hotel business now.

Says Saint John: "My book is more of a story of my life with my father -- what it was like growing up with my dad. We never got along very well. He was deeply, deeply embedded and entrenched in political action. Until I was 16, I was led to believe he was in the State Department."

He remembers his governess in Japan and his French school in Uruguay. "My father was absent; my mother was a socialite. Some people alleged that she was CIA also, and I find that very credible."

The family returned to D.C. in 1960 or '61, and "my father was organizing the Bay of Pigs in South Florida. He spoke a few languages, was good at organizational skills, knew how to recruit. William F. Buckley is my godfather, although when Watergate blew up, he distanced himself from my dad."

St. John says his dad's work in Guatemala was genius: "The radio beamed messages in Guatemala as though troops were descending in the capital. My dad had just prerecorded those tapes in his office. Machine guns, aircraft --- none of it was real. But he freaked out the military in a three-day period -- he cut into all the radio stations. He was a mastermind. In fear of lives, the military government, they surrendered -- they just gave up. He was gifted in psychological warfare. He overthrew an entire country with tape loops. He was the CIA's number-one genius."

Then, when the U.S. was having "a little problem with Cuba," Hunt Sr. "organized the first anti Castro movements." Guerrillas he recruited would later reappear as burglars in the Watergate scandal.

Says St. John: "Kennedy in his first year of office" learns of the CIA plan to overthrow Castro -- he and his brother Bobby went over the Cuba project and said, 'This is just appalling!' There were training camps in New Orleans and South Florida training mercenaries to attack Cuba -- Mafia/CIA plots -- and they said, "This is insane; it's gotta stop.' So Bobby Kennedy ordered FBI raids in Miami and New Orleans -- they busted these CIA-funded training camps.

"Bobby said, 'I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces -- he fired Allen Dulles, my dad's boss, and my dad was demoted after the failed invasion of Cuba. [Kennedy did go along with the Bay of Pigs, but he didn't want the USA linked]... A lot of people had a lot of reasons to get rid of JFK. He was hated by everybody in the military-industrial complex -- warmongers, big business, oil guys."

Kennedy wanted to "end the war in Vietnam, go back to the gold standard, reduce military expenditures. He was a visionary and had to be gotten rid of."

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2004 deathbead confession (the printed January 04 Howard E. Hunt Testimoney) created the need sanitizing of the JFK assassination perhaps by St. John Hunt, so was Hunt at the JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL LINDSAY because some of the hitpeople of JFK were there 04 jenner double homicide and they were deciding how to sanitize the hit.The kids were there too, the kids of the kids of the hitmen and hitwomen.So0, St.JOHN HUNT hates his dad and then shows up for 0minutes of hand holding to get the CASH COW STORY IN Rosebud quotes with his dad’s name on it. And then the sanitizing, i.e., the new hitlist is executed, done, ordered and played out.Jenner 04 double homicide was a meeting of a gun club and their spoiled tots, who just believe they can shoot em up and never be caught.On a death bed, do you know how easy it is for a kid who hates their dad to show up and make a father sign off of ANYTHING AT ALL? AND FOR MONEY THEY GOET THEM TO SIGN OFF MONEY FOR STONE MONEY FOR ST. JOHN, MONEY FOR HAVING THE EXCUSE TO KILL ALL OTHER WITNESSES, MONEY ON JFK KILLING, MONEY ON ZODIAC MURDERS, which the real hitmen and women don’t get.Pray for one or three honest soldiers in this mix and ask why the sons and the daughters of even the Kennedy Clan don’t protect the real witnesses on the murder of JFK.Michael Claire Welch and Mary Melissa Welch trained to shoot with the actual shooter of JFK but they were not good enough. In 2004, the two brats joined with their Charlie Manson killer extra print on the scene of murder of Sharon tate and they murdered their mom, beginning in 2004.A “cutlass” like car tried to kill the other sister first, but she called dispatch and it was realized by the Sonoma County Sheriff that the cutlass type car was at the murder of the Christians at the beach of 2004 Jenner double homicide.Do the simple match and ask why Stone doesn’t even protect witnesses (did he do Mary Melissa like Thomas Weisel did, is she their hitwoman).Stone would be wise to get out of the buy and sell or lose credibility.St. John Hunts gets his dad to sign off on a story (oh, the figurative ten minute handholding the kids do (forcing the sick to sign) after leaving the caretaking to someone who cares) and then the figurative ten minute man or woman has the crew meet at Jenner 04 after a radio call (which is listed on the writing of the Jenner 04 double homicide) and the radio code is “dealy square” radio code, sorry kids, the playing is OVER.Too bad the maiden name of the mother of Michael Welch is “St. John”.Looks like Howard E. Hunt found a way to keep his own son from Sanitizing the FINAL TRUTH ON DEALY SQUARE AND JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL AND ALLEN INVESTIGATE AND ARREST THE EXTRA KILLERS OF TATE.

frankd4 topcommenter

.................................any time someone is "selling" something like a book or a CD or a movie etc they seem to have to "reveal" a previously undisclosed item to create media "buzz"

in my recently reading of Robert Kennedy and His Times by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. a great many conspiracy theories seem entirely plausible in JFKs assassination and the only thing ANYone can say factually is:  that SOMEone shot JFK = period

the LIST includes (but not limited to): castro; the CIA; the FBI; LBJ; nixon; the KGB; nikita khruschev; judith campbell exner; jimmy hoffa; frank sinatra; santos trafficante; sam giancana; chicken parmigiana;  and on and on

so i suppose HOWARD HUNT et al can be added to the list and as time goes on and all those that can REFUTE details are DEAD then more and more will also be added in the future

what i would like to find someDAY is mrs kennedy's (jackie O) pill-box hat and white gloves so that those articles of clothing can rejoin the blood stained pink cassini dress in storage as unavailable to the public for another fifty years or upon daughter CAROLINE's demise

frankd4 topcommenter

...................................personally,  i was at that window in the school book depository in 1993,  and i stuck my head out,  and yes,  i could see the street but,  no,  i could not see how someone could hold and aim a bolt-action rifle at that angle from that distance with accuracy THREE TIMEs in succession ! no way no how = period

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