Ten Times Richie Incognito Has Acted Like a Jackass

On Sunday, Richie Incognito finally broke his silence, post bullying-gate, when he sat down with good pal Jay Glazer of Fox Sports for an exclusive interview.

Glazer lobbed softball after softball and allowed Incognito a chance to tell his side of the story, which included revealing that he and Jonathan Martin had exchanged 1,142 texts over the last year that kind of hinted at proof that Incognito and Martin exchanged nasty texts as jokes. Incognito supporters took this as vindication for their guy. The texts jokey, you see. Which totally makes it cool for Incognito to call Martin a "half-n**ger" and threaten to kill him.

Fair point, we suppose. Except that, as mentioned above, Glazer is a good friend of Incognito, and the interview felt more like a PR move than a revealing exposé.

Then there's this: All the times throughout the years Incognito has acted like a jackass.

Sure, it's not 1,142 texts... but it is proof that Incognito has always been an awful human person. Here now, are 10 times Richie Incognito acted like an asshole:

10. That time he got into a fight at Club LIV in Miami Beach
In August of this year, Incognito allegedly got into a fight at LIV. He and his friends got into a brouhaha with another man's friends. Incognito told cops he was just trying to break up the fight. He was let off with a trespassing warning.

9. That time he taunted his own fans after his team lost
In 2008, while he was with the St. Louis Rams, Incognito taunted fans like a WWE wrestling villain as they booed him and his teammates. He apparently also mocked Rams fans before the game. As it was with the Dolphins, no one on the team confronted him on it (until it was too late).

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Ron Kerr
Ron Kerr

Stick to restaurant reviews

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

Both these queers need to come out of the closet, tickle each others taint & move on

Paul Malmquist
Paul Malmquist

The tide is starting to turn a little on this story. It's a bit narrow-minded to simply consider Richie Incognito a bully racist. He was certainly over the line and should apologize for the N word stuff, but at the end of the day Jon has to be the one to tell him how he feels. Maybe I'm missing something and he tried, but it doesnt seem that way. It seems like Jon regularly didnt try to fit in (not paying for dinners with veterans, etc) and couldn't handle the alpha male personalities around him. Martin claims he doesn't blame Incognito in his text to Incognito, but then who leaked the infamous voicemail from his personal cellphone? Jon had to have personally turned Richie in, citing him as a reason for his discomfort, and is trying to save face with him personally. Very easy to simply slap the bully racist label and call it a day, but I think its a bit more complicated than that. Incognito needs to calm down and find a new way to initiate rookies, but Martin could have handled this better.

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

Boo hoo...you are deciding his relationship from a single message and a history that was...ummm...what did you guys get bored?? He was second dirtiest player, behind Suh who is one of the most giving and kind guys out side of the sport...so that's awkward....and oh...the girl at the golf game...yeah...she didn't mind the golf club, she was ok pretending to dance...but she drew the line when water was squirted in her face and he didn't apologize, yeah, i'm ok with that...annnnnnnd ummmmm you know nothing of the voice message and if was fucking with him as i do with my friends all the time, you quoted him getting kicked off teams, and yet have no reason as to why but consider this an act of jackassness and he deserves to not play here? seriously...stop projecting your sad times on this one guy, he isn't the one that bullied you as a kid and he BETTER be allowed to play again...as for jeff ireland...i'd like him back. Thank you for listening.

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