100 Things to Do in Broward County Before You Die (# 80-61)

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Yesterday, we started laying out our BroCo bucket list -- 100 things to do in Broward County until you kick the proverbial bucket. Today, we carry on! Here are numbers 61-80:

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Photo by Ian Witlen
80. Crash a party at Rick Ross' mansion.
Ricky Rozay may rap about the 305, but he lays his head in the 954.

79. Learn to cook iguana tacos.
The green iguana is considered a pesky invasive species in South Florida. And iguana meat is a culinary tradition in Mexico and reportedly tastes pretty great in a taco. Parboil in saltwater, followed by roasting or stewing. (Kidding! Leave those iguanas alone! We bet their meat is gross!)

78. Hang with the witches.
OK, so followers of the "Earth Religion" prefer being called "pagans" rather than "witches," but they're lots of fun, and their rituals often involve wine. See moonpathcuups.org.

77. Cycle at the velodrome.
Velodrome racing in the 1800s was akin to NASCAR of today. Ride on the steeply banked oval track at Brian Piccolo Park -- one of only three in the southeastern U.S.

76. Find love at a "nerds singles mixer."
If you're coupled up already, then just browse the wares at Tate's Comics and its upstairs Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.

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The 80-100 list had some good stuff. This list was pretty lame. Different author?

frankd4 topcommenter

..................................what a LAME list indeed.................i just read TALES OF OLD FLORIDA and from the mid 1800s through the early 1900s this area and all of south florida from west palm beach clear across to tampa and south was a natural PARADISE...............the LAME list mentions things that really can be had ANYWHERE and have no distinction here

imagine hunting sponge in the KEYS or tarpon fishing in tampa or enjoying the amenities of the biscayne yacht club in miami or birding or observing what the state was named for - the many many flowers - or diving the crystal clear sources of fresh water

today city of hollywood pumps 40,ooo,ooo,ooo gallons of waste-water into the ocean EVERY DAY ! and with the recent down-pours much of that will be UNTREATED sewage - ugh

SethPlatt topcommenter

Here are some suggestions:

Take an airboat tour at Everglades Holiday Park

Dive or snorkel the reefs off the beach at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea or Dania Beach before they die completely

Kayak at West Lake

Watch a turtle nest hatch 

Have a beer at the Elbo Room

Ride the Jungle Queen

Or take a Water Taxi

Go Frog Gigging in the Everglades

funchey1 moderator editor

@veronicamaher Party w Rick Ross is lame??!! You guys are a tough crowd! haha Stay tuned - more coming 

funchey1 moderator editor

@frankd4 all of your suggestions: sponge hunting in Keys, tarpon fishing in Tampa, club in miami, crystal clear water  = not Broward

frankd4 topcommenter

@funchey1 @frankd4 

those examples were an indication of the TO DO list in the area including ALL south florida that can not be found elsewhere

your broward list of today can be DONE ANYWHERE else as well as here = not ONLY broward 

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