100 Things to Do in Broward County Before You Die (# 81-100)

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Fort Lauderdale skyline, at dusk, from a cruise ship.

Florida tends to remain on the receiving end of many a cruel joke, due to its comically unfortunate shape, its geographic positioning, the subtropical heat, and its weirdo populace. (Us!)

Those of us who live here know how to take it. Heck, we're laughing the loudest -- when we're not coming up with the jokes ourselves. We all know: Despite the hurricanes, the year-round humidity, the backward politicians, the face-eating bath salt zombies, and our multiple-personality disorder, there's still much to love about our wonderfully twisted state.

Broward County especially -- BroCo, as we like to call it -- is kind of awesome. Nestled between the flashy, urban jungle of Miami and the manicured retiree's paradise that is Palm Beach, we have an abundance of sweet, fun, amazing, and nutso stuff to do before you croak.

Over the next few days, gentle readers, we'll be laying out the very best of them -- the things that make this place the freaky little gem of the South that it is. Here are numbers 81 through 100:

Photo by Mikefairbanks / Wikapedia Commons
100. Watch the cruise ships slide in and out of Port Everglades.
Climb onto the rocks on the jetty behind the Point of Americas towers and wave to the ships pulling out. Best around 4 or 5 p.m. on weekends.

Photo by Ian Witlen
99. Play hardcourt bike polo.
This sport -- like polo but on bicycles instead of horses -- has been called "the most fun you can have on a bike." Last month, the world championships were held in Weston. At Fort Lauderdale's Holiday Park, players meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

98. Sunday Jazz Brunch at Riverwalk.
Visors, yoga pants, and Guy Harvey T-shirts abound at this neighborly gathering on the first Sunday of each month. Bring a stocked cooler and your well-behaved, leashed pet.

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Hmmmm     #95 wonder why movie producers haven't discovered you or have they already.  I recall seeing you at the rink sometime ago at the Galaxy, couldn't help it, your smile threw me off as you skated and danced around. T'was sometime ago. You were quite a skater.  No fear!


That's me at # 95.... Skating like a teenager.

Tammy Knight
Tammy Knight

Judi Rae, have you ever been to Mai-Kai? I haven't been in years, but I remember it being really fun. We should totally go sometime!

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