The 11 Hottest TV Newsmen in South Florida

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5. Adam Weinstein, "Chief Voice Officer," Fusion
Since serving in the Navy (admirable!), working in Iraq (badass!), and winning $40K on Jeopardy (swoon!), Weinstein has primarily been a writer for various national publications like Mother Jones; Fusion, the TV station he recently joined, won't even launch until next week. We don't know him personally; hell, we don't even know whether a "chief voice officer" really qualifies for this list. We only follow him on Twitter -- and when we do, smoke starts pouring out of our iPhones! If you haven't read his infamous rants about the economy, do. The passion!

4. Steve Weagle, Fox News 29, West Palm Beach
While newspapers are downsizing to, like, a few bodies and some ink, TV stations are still forking out big bucks for a full-time staff to tell you whether it's going to be partly sunny or mostly cloudy on any given day. But every precious penny is one well spent on Steve -- no mere weatherman, but chief meteorologist and fearless leader of "Storm Team 5" -- who, we know by his Twitter feed, is not just in the TV biz for the narcissism. When the clouds gather, we dream about Steve whispering about "Hadley cells" and "wintertime surface air masses" in our ear.

3. Omar Kelly, Miami Dolphins reporter, Sun Sentinel
The self-described "part-time superhero" is a newspaper columnist but also frequently appears on video segments and TV sports shows. The fit, long-haired hottie says he got into journalism to fight injustice and search for truth, but "after being bored to death reporting news and covering politics, he switched to sports." He works out almost as hard as the Miami Dolphins he covers and has talked openly about packing a gun and driving fast. Everyone else has the brains; this fine specimen brings the brawn. Three words: hummina hummina hummina!

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Bob Norman?  lol


smh at no joe girvan on this list.


No love for Emerson Lotzia from ESPN 106.3/WPTV in West Palm Beach? Dude got robbed!


"Who'd you rather?!?" How'd I miss that one!

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