The 11 Hottest TV Newsmen in South Florida

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8. Brian Andrews, Investigative Team, CBS 4
Sure, now he's an oh-so-serious investigative reporter. But just a few years ago, Andrews worked as the clownish "El Gringo" for segments on Colombian TV. How could you not crush on a man who is so versatile? Who is such a sharp dresser? Who has such a devious smirk? Who is fastidious about matching his pocket squares to his outfits? Alas, this longing goes unrequited, as Andrews was caught on video declaring "I hate New Times" during one of his hard-hitting investigations about a parking meter. We still love ya, Bri!

7. Matt Lincoln, Sports Anchor, WPEC Channel 12
What's that delicious smell? Mmmmm... Fresh meat! This smiley, boyish cutie just blew into town in just March of this year. His sweet but handsome face is upstaged only by his kind, deep, knowing voice. Two questions: Is there a female word for "Schwing!"? And has anyone warned him about the voracious cougar population down here?

6. Bob Norman, Investigative Reporter, Local 10
It feels a little incestuous to be naming our former coworker to the hot list, but hey, when our female staff, after a few too many of those postwork cocktails at Maguire's, used to play "Who'd You Rather?" with the names of our male colleagues, the answer was always unanimous: The guy who could make everyone melt with his authoritative waxing on about sludge contracts.

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Bob Norman?  lol


smh at no joe girvan on this list.


No love for Emerson Lotzia from ESPN 106.3/WPTV in West Palm Beach? Dude got robbed!


"Who'd you rather?!?" How'd I miss that one!

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