Ten Most Haunted Places in Broward County

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2. Hollywood Beach Resort
The Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel -- which is now a Crowne Plaza -- was once known as the stomping grounds for Al Capone when the hotel opened in 1926.

The hotel is particularly known for paranormal and unexplained activities on the seventh floor. Reports of apparitions and ghostly orbs haunting that floor have run rampant for decades.

There have been reports of disembodied voices calling out to guests, weird lights glowing from out of nowhere, and ghostly manifestations appearing.

1. Stranahan House
Built in 1901, the Stranahan House is the oldest standing building in Broward. Built by Frank Stranahan, who was Fort Lauderdale's first postmaster, the home has long been known for its creepy, haunted vibe. It's now run as a museum.

Depressed and destitute after the Florida land boom bust of 1926 left him and his investors broke, Stranahan committed suicide when he jumped into the river that flows in front of the home and drowned himself.

His widow, Ivy Stranahan, lived in the house until she died there in 1971, at age 90.

Reports of Frank's ghost haunting the home surfaced mere days after his death. One report says a clock that had not been working began ticking and chiming on its own a week after Stranahan took his own life.

Other reports say Ivy's ghost also wanders the home. Some have said the smell of a woman's perfume will suddenly surround one of the rooms.

Most eerily, there are rumors that should you visit the home museum and call upon the spirits of Frank and Ivy Stranahan, their manifestations will appear in a photograph you take.

Maybe pay a visit to the home, located on 335 SE Sixth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale and give it a try. If you dare.

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i'm surprised Cap's Place isn't on this list.

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus

Andrew Bacchus Alisha Bacchus Sahira Bacchus Mohamed Gajraj Shinena Ramcharran Moneesa Ramcharran Parag you guys should try this next time

JP Vitale
JP Vitale

Why would the Blue Anchor British Pub be on a list of the 10 most haunted places in Broward?


The Stranahan House has never been eerily. Though it is haunted, it is also the home of two incredible people. Read the history. It is haunted by Ivy, a little seminole girl, and two, maybe three males. One is said to be Albert, Ivy's brother. Also there is Pink, Ivy's sister and a black and white cat.  There is nothing unfriendly here. Go to see it because it is a beautiful home and it is a piece of Ft Lauderdale history.


since when is Delray in Broward County?

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