Ten Most Haunted Places in Broward County

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4. The Davie Waffle House
This particular Waffle House, located on 4650 Volunteer Road in Southwest Ranches, was the home of a particularly heinous murder in 2002 that still reportedly haunts the restaurant.

On the morning of March 11, 2002, two men walked into the restaurant and ordered the employees inside into a meat locker at gunpoint. They then used bolt cutters to break into cash safes.

The robbers then ordered the employees on their knees and shot them, execution style.

The men were eventually caught and arrested, but employees at the Waffle House have been reporting paranormal activities since 2002.

Some have reported feeling a creepy presence among them in the restaurant, while others have reported seeing fresh blood stains on the floor appear where the shootings took place.

3. The River House
Like Coyote Ugly, River House was closed in 2008. But the empty building still sits on 301 SW Third Ave. today, a ghostly shell of its former self.

The structure was originally built in the early 1900s by brothers Thomas and Reed Bryan, who occupied the home until the 1970s. The Inn was eventually converted into a catering facility until it closed.

Even when the building was in operation, there were reports of servers refusing to go into certain rooms alone. One room, which originally belonged to Reed's second wife, who reportedly died in the house, would often be found with chairs and furniture rearranged after servers would leave.

There were also reports of a ghost child wandering the premises, often turning the lights on and off. Some say this was actually the ghost of Tom's son, who died in his 40s but returned to haunt the premises as a child. He apparently lived in the home when electricity was first introduced to the area, which would explain his fascination with playing with light switches.

Much like the Coyote Ugly bar, the River House might be more active with spirits now that it's abandoned.

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i'm surprised Cap's Place isn't on this list.

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus

Andrew Bacchus Alisha Bacchus Sahira Bacchus Mohamed Gajraj Shinena Ramcharran Moneesa Ramcharran Parag you guys should try this next time

JP Vitale
JP Vitale

Why would the Blue Anchor British Pub be on a list of the 10 most haunted places in Broward?


The Stranahan House has never been eerily. Though it is haunted, it is also the home of two incredible people. Read the history. It is haunted by Ivy, a little seminole girl, and two, maybe three males. One is said to be Albert, Ivy's brother. Also there is Pink, Ivy's sister and a black and white cat.  There is nothing unfriendly here. Go to see it because it is a beautiful home and it is a piece of Ft Lauderdale history.


since when is Delray in Broward County?

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