Ten Most Haunted Places in Broward County

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6. Coral Springs Medical Center
Apparently, a nurse who once worked at Coral Springs Medical Center haunts the building.

The story goes that the nurse became ill, or was in an accident, and was admitted to the medical center, where she once worked. She soon died from whatever was ailing her, and now stories have swirled that her spirit refuses to leave the hospital.

Her apparition has been seen floating throughout the hospital halls just in front of the main elevators. Some say she oftentimes will open the elevator for visitors before they can push the call button.

The doors will open on their own, with no one inside the elevator.

5. The Blue Anchor British Pub
Located on 804 E Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach, the Blue Anchor is a great place to ensconce yourself in English fare with fish, chips, and big-ass pints of beer. The pub itself was built in London in the 1800s and moved to Florida stone by stone in 1864.

But the pub is also known for its haunted history (and is quite proud of it).

According to legend, a woman named Bertha Starkey was hacked to death inside the pub by her jealous husband more than 100 years ago, when the man returned from sea and found her in the arms of another. And it is said that Bertha's ghost now roams the pub freely.

Patrons have reported hearing Bertha walking across the creaky ceiling at night. And, during a coronation of the anniversary of her murder, a half-inch glass shelf shattered and collapsed on its own.

There have also been reports of a loud, pitched wail coming out of nowhere and pots and pans in the kitchen crashing to the floor on their own.

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i'm surprised Cap's Place isn't on this list.

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus

Andrew Bacchus Alisha Bacchus Sahira Bacchus Mohamed Gajraj Shinena Ramcharran Moneesa Ramcharran Parag you guys should try this next time

JP Vitale
JP Vitale

Why would the Blue Anchor British Pub be on a list of the 10 most haunted places in Broward?


The Stranahan House has never been eerily. Though it is haunted, it is also the home of two incredible people. Read the history. It is haunted by Ivy, a little seminole girl, and two, maybe three males. One is said to be Albert, Ivy's brother. Also there is Pink, Ivy's sister and a black and white cat.  There is nothing unfriendly here. Go to see it because it is a beautiful home and it is a piece of Ft Lauderdale history.


since when is Delray in Broward County?

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