Ten Most Haunted Places in Broward County

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8. Coyote Ugly Saloon
While the Fort Lauderdale location on 214 SW Second St. closed in 2011, tales of the place being haunted still linger.

Some say the ghost of a woman dressed in Victorian dress frequents the building, floating about the hallways. There's also the story of a Coyote Ugly bouncer falling asleep on the job and being violently nudged awake with a disembodied voice admonishing him to wake up.

The ghostly activity in the building might be even more active now that the bar is closed.

7. Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum
The fire station, located on 1022 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, was erected after the hurricane of 1926 destroyed the previous firehouse. It was named Fire Station 3 and was completed just a year later.

The station was up and running for decades, until it was slated to be demolished in 2001. But the station was preserved and turned into a museum.

Since then, there have been many stories of the building being haunted by the ghosts of firefighters who once served from Fire Station 3. The building has been popular with paranormal investigative teams and ghost hunters.

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i'm surprised Cap's Place isn't on this list.

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus

Andrew Bacchus Alisha Bacchus Sahira Bacchus Mohamed Gajraj Shinena Ramcharran Moneesa Ramcharran Parag you guys should try this next time

JP Vitale
JP Vitale

Why would the Blue Anchor British Pub be on a list of the 10 most haunted places in Broward?


The Stranahan House has never been eerily. Though it is haunted, it is also the home of two incredible people. Read the history. It is haunted by Ivy, a little seminole girl, and two, maybe three males. One is said to be Albert, Ivy's brother. Also there is Pink, Ivy's sister and a black and white cat.  There is nothing unfriendly here. Go to see it because it is a beautiful home and it is a piece of Ft Lauderdale history.


since when is Delray in Broward County?

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