Four Reasons It Sucks to Be a Woman in Florida

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Bet she was only 84 percent as expensive as the male mannequin.
Well, of course, there's the dating pool.

Without even counting that, the Center for American Progress -- an independent, nonpartisan, left-leaning organization -- last week managed to come up with a bunch of reasons it totally bites to be a woman in Florida.

Oh, it wasn't called that. The organization actually released a national report called "The State of Women in America" and, using a variety of data, ranked all 50 states in three categories: economic security, leadership, and health.

Overall, we got a C. But even in the categories where we scored high, there's way bad news for us Florida ladies.

4) Researchers found that our women make 84 cents for every dollar a man makes. For this, the Center for American Progress gave us an "A-" in economic security! This is basically grading on a bell curve! Making 16 percent less than a dude for the same work is atrocious. But only three states do better, and nationally, women only make 77 cents for every dollar that a man does. Worse, Hispanic women in Florida make only 60 cents for every dollar a white male makes.

Totally unfair, considering women need the money more -- clothes, haircuts, shampoos, razors, and drycleaning all cost more for women than men. Hell, $33 gets us just three pairs of underwear.

3) Eighteen percent of women in the state -- make that 30 percent of black women -- live in poverty. We're 16th-worst.

2) Men far outpace women in leadership roles. Sixty-one percent of managerial jobs are taken by men, meaning we are left with only 38.7 percent of them. When it comes to elected office, women fill only 20 percent of the slots. Yet, women make up 52 percent of Florida's population; men, just 48 percent. Again the Center for American Progress basically rounded up our grade, giving us a B- in leadership, because we're still above the midpoint -- in 23rd place among all the states.

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1) Our healthcare situation is no good. In fact, the Center for American Progress gave us an F. 23 percent of Florida women are uninsured; we can't get Medicaid expansion; and, if you were wondering why it's so dang hard to get an appointment, there's only one gynecologist for every 11,824 women in the state. Also, women are required to get medically unnecessary ultrasounds before having an abortion (a law passed mostly by all those men in office), and 14.8 babies die for every 100,000 live births. That's heartbreaking.

So, my Florida sisters, if you've been crying to your psychologist -- oh wait, you can't afford a psychologist -- trying to figure out what to do with your life, here it is: become an OB-GYN, and run for office. Please?

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With the exception of my last job, I have been a corporate slave all my life. You can't work for someone and expect to make any more than what they will give you. BUT you have choices: You can work for another company, which will give you a marginal advantage when you figure in expenses, lack of personal time, sleep, etc, or you can start your own company. Either way, personal time and sleep go right out the window, at least until you can do what "they" did, hire someone to help you. but this is for every corporate 'slave', not just the women. You really have to grow and harvest your own business if you want mo' money.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Who in the world would want breasts that big, there's only so much you can do with the nipples. I do love to watch the boobies bounce though. Boing Boing Boing!

robert.n.nielsen topcommenter

2 and 4 are total BS lies! In fact in most cases females are being compensated more than men in the same positions.


Too bad for women but what comes to mind is,"how smart could she be if she voluntarily carries all that weight for free?

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