Seven Best Broward Ghosts

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If you stare at it long enough, the Joe Robbie statue's eyes follow you.
6. Joe Robbie
Died: January 7, 1990

The ultimate Ring Wraith, the spirit of former Miami Dolphins owner Joe Robbie leaves a cursed lineage of doom in his wake. For any man who takes ownership of his beloved Dolphins and ends up with a chronic case of shitting all over the fan base. This curse struck Wayne Huiezenga, who was blinded enough to allow Dave Wannstedt to coach the team. The horror! And now the curse has passed on to Stephen Ross, who defiles the fan base by refusing to fire the worst general manager in all of football, even though the wormtongue Jeff Ireland has had the job since 2008, and continually leads the team to 7-9 seasons. The stadium that once bore his name is now a living house of horrors.

"Looka me. Hey. Looka me. BOO. Fugetaboutit."
5. Al Capone
Died: January 25, 1947

It's well-known that Capone spent a lot of time in Hollywood -- particularly the Hollywood Beach Resort (which is, itself, haunted). While he murdered rival gangsters and turned Chicago into a war zone when he was alive, the ghost of Al Capone is actually more fun than haunting. Who wouldn't want to hang with a ghost that can get you free booze and hook you up with big-busted broads. Yes, he's got a bit of a dickish temper, and he's quick to hit you with a baseball bat if he doesn't like you, and there's the matter of all the syphilis. But still. Hanging with the ghost of the real Scarface is a real peach!

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